This #givingtuesday, Coeliac UK is encouraging its members and supporters to give their time to raise awareness of coeliac disease.

A lifelong autoimmune condition where the body’s immune system reacts to gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye, Coeliac disease affects around 1% of the UK population, however only 24% of those with the condition are medically diagnosed. Our ‘Is it coeliac disease?’ campaign aims to reach the half a million undiagnosed people and make them aware of the range of symptoms associated with the condition.

The campaign hopes to put people who are suffering with the symptoms of coeliac disease on a pathway to diagnosis, so they can be properly supported to manage their condition and avoid long term health complications. We aim to halve the length of time to confirm a diagnosis, which is currently on average 13 years, and reduce misdiagnosis of IBS by 50%.

On #givingtuesday 2016, our members and supporters will be pledging to join the movement and give back by donating their time to volunteer as a health campaigner, raising money and awareness by holding a gluten-free bake sale, or using the power of their voice to help us spread the word about the ‘is it coeliac disease?’ campaign on social media. Together we can reach out to the half a million undiagnosed.

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