Heard of Black Friday? We thought so. Cyber Monday? Perhaps. But did you know that there is an international day of giving, known as #givingtuesday?

Started ‘across the pond’ in the US, it evolved as a response to the waves of consumerism and excessive shopping that are Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and is a chance to think a little more charitably. Over the past 3 years, we’ve seen #givingtuesday grow in popularity in the UK, and this year, it’s celebrated on Tuesday 29th November.

The power of student fundraising is enormous, both through donating money and organising events that generate money for charity, but also through donating our time in loads of crazy and creative ways, and this dedicated day of giving is an amazing opportunity to showcase this power!

This year, we’re teaming up with our friends over at Farm Africa to celebrate #givingtuesday with a megaraid- it’s an amazing opportunity to give your time, make a difference and help raise money for an incredible cause…we’ve heard they’ve got some special awards too!

The raid takes place ON #givingtuesday (29th November), and there are permits all over London, including Kings Cross, the City and Waterloo.

NUS and NaSFA are proud founding partners of the #givingtuesday campaign in the UK, as we know how much students contribute to good causes, both in giving time and making charitable donations. I’ll be doing my bit to help on #givingtuesday by joining the megaraid. I can’t wait to fundraise with you! This year, #givingtuesday falls just a few days before #LoveSUs day on 2nd December, so let’s make sure we’re out in force on #givingtuesday, and all week we’re shouting about how brilliant students and their SUs are!”

~ Richard Brooks, NUS Vice President Union Development

Farm Africa do such important work creating real, sustainable change in agriculture all over the African continent; everything from helping local communities make their crop harvests more viable and profitable to providing care for livestock, all with the aim of lifting families out of poverty.

So- how can YOU and your RAG get involved? Head to this link: http://www.farmafrica.org/students/givingtuesday-london-rag-raid, enter your details and Farm Africa will be in touch to sort out the rest!

Here’s to a super successful #givingtuesday!

NaSFA Committee 2016/17

This blog was originally posted on the NaSFA website