There are just 30 something days to go until #givingtuesday 2016.

These next few weeks are crucial for the movement, and for ensuring that your campaign will be a success.  To help you get everything in order here are our 5 top tips for helping you to plan over the final 5 weeks:

1. Update your website. If you’re doing something special for #givingtuesday make sure people know about it! You can add our logo to your site, and outline what you’ve got planned so people will know how they can support you.

2. Plan your social activity now. #givingtuesday is a busy day on social media so you’ll need to have a think about when and how your messaging will get the most cut through. Read our social media analysis from last year (kindly provided by Crimson Hexagon) for a few insights on what might work for you.

3. Recruit supporters. You should spend some time building support for your activity ahead of #givingtuesday. If you’ve got a specific message you want to share, make sure your supporters know what that is and provide them with everything they need to do so.

4. Share your story. Our job here at #givingtuesday is to tell people what you’ve got planned, so why not tell us your #givingtuesday plans and we can share on our website, on social and with local and national press.

5. Be prepared. Lots of our partners see a spike in activity on #givingtuesday, that means you’re going to have to be ready to work a bit harder! Check your online forms and processes are in working order, make sure your staff know their lines – the last thing you want is to have donations rolling in and for your computer systems to crash!

For more tips or resources be sure to visit our page for businesses or charities, and if you have any questions then get in touch with the #givingtuesday team