Help us keep more communities safe this winter by donating to our Cycle Response Units on #givingtuesday

This #givingtuesday St John Ambulance launches a campaign to raise funds for our charity’s life saving Cycle Response teams, that often arrive at an emergency ahead of an ambulance, especially at the most crowded of events over the busy winter season.

Our Cycle Responders have advanced first aid training, with specialist skills to handle a customised mountain bike which carries life saving equipment.

We need your help to ensure our Cycle Response Units are geared up – with the essential first aid and safety gear it needs. Please help us to raise £5,000 on #givingtuesday, 29th November by donating here. Your gift will directly go towards buying their life saving equipment and with your support we can make sure our Cycle Responders are fully geared up and ready to ride before should the worst happen over these cold and wet months.

Here’s how your donation will go towards providing gear for St John Ambulance Cycle Response Units:

  • Medical gear – £2,500. AED, oxygen, Entonox, airway management and other medical supplies.
  • Bike – £1,000. All our bikes start life as a standard mountain bike but we must adapt them for our Cycle Responders.
  • Lights and audio – £250. Adding lights and an audible warning system allows us and members of the public to be safe.
  • Pannier storage – £750. Essential storage for keeping life saving equipment on board.
  • Riders’ gear £500 – biking gear is essential all year round; even more so in the winter months when the weather is cold and the ground is slippery.

Please donate £5 here on November 29th, #givingtueday and help us ensure our Cycle Responders are geared up #GearUp