Victims of crime can often feel alone, isolated and as though their life has been turned upside down.

To show your support for people affected by crime on #givingtuesday and to raise awareness of the impact of crime, we’re asking people to share an #upsidedownselfie and to donate £3 to Victim Support.

You can make your #upsidedownselfie by simply rotating your picture or trying out something more complex like a hand stand. The possibilities really are endless and we’d always recommend you to do something within your comfort zone.

You can donate £3 to Victim Support by texting the word ‘TURN’ to 70300. Remember #givingtuesday is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to do something good, so why not tag a friend in your post and ask them to join in on this very special day to help others.

Together, we can ensure that more people get the support that they need to move beyond crime to a safer, more positive place.

MS-UK are holding two local events for #givingtuesday!

Joined by our beloved mascot, Myles, we are starting bright and early at 6am at Colchester North Station with a donation collection, hoping to make people’s commute a little happier!

At 10am, dedicated volunteers will be doing good stuff at our local Waitrose store (St Andrews Avenue, Colchester) by helping shoppers to pack their bags at the till!

MS-UK are inviting the local community to come and say hello, whether it’s at Colchester North Station or at Waitrose to find out more about what the charity does!

MS-UK also has an online campaign page for the day, where people can donate to the charity. This can be found at: We are hoping to reach our goal of £1000!

You can find out more about MS-UK on our website: or follow us on Twitter: @MSUK6, or give us a like on Facebook!

This #givingtuesday Child Growth Foundation will be hosting an auction on our Facebook page to raise awareness of the charity and what it does.

The Child Growth Foundation:

  • Supports children and adults with growth related problems, and their families
  • Funds research into potential solutions
  • Raises awareness of growth problems
  • Supports health professionals in the management of these conditions

We obviously hope to use the event to raise much needed funds as well as increase the number of ‘likes’ the page has.

We will be hosting other events in our closed groups – some cheeky Christmas elves will be taking over the child growth foundations pre-loved clothes store and we will be encouraging members to give thanks as well as funds. Visit our Facebook page to find out more.

Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice provides vital community hospice services to babies, children and young people with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions, and their families, in central and north London.

It costs £4,658 every single day to keep Noah’s Ark afloat and, this #givingtuesday, we need your help. Wouldn’t it be something to raise enough funds together in one day to keep Noah’s Ark afloat?

Noah’s Ark currently has an annual income target of £1.7m to provide our vital services. As a charity we remain dependent on private donations to provide our services with less than 10% of funding coming from the statutory sector.

On this day of giving, please think of Noah’s Ark and make it your #givingtuesday charity of choice!

For #givingtuesday 2017, Renew SCIO volunteers in Scotland are launching an exciting new campaign to support their partner project, the Park Rangers Widows’ and Orphans Project (PRWOP), in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The ‘Bring the PRWOP Kiddy Crew Back to School’ campaign is aiming to assist orphaned children of Park Rangers in Virunga and Kahuzi Biega National Parks to attend to their local school, some of them for the first time. Access to education is a vital step for these children, helping to strengthen their connections in the local community as well as providing a safe environment to learn and help to rebuild their lives after the loss of a parent.

These children’s fathers have given their lives protecting some of the world’s most endangered animals, including the Highland Gorilla. They work in an extremely challenging environment, responsible for 13,800 km2 of heritage listed national park land. Giving this support is our small way of honouring their memory and saying thank you to their families.

The campaign will include internet fundraising, a charity dinner, as well as sponsored volunteers running in the Edinburgh City Marathon in May…. Our aim is to raise sufficient funds to ensure these children can start their first day of school in September 2017.

Project Assistant Caroline says:

“I am delighted to be running this project as I believe we can make a positive change in the life of these incredibly brave children. Our charity is a 100% transparent and I feel proud to be doing this work to support their futures.”

The project is managed in DRC by Jean Pierre Jobogo Mirindi who personally knows many of the families the project is helping. The strength of our work with the project relies on dealing ‘person-to-person’. By helping us raise funds you will be directly helping others to help themselves. Contributions of your time and money will make a difference. Every dollar, pound or euro has an individual’s name against it, it has a purpose. Person to person, we make a difference.

Help us Bring Back the Kiddie Crew to School today! Donate on #givingtuesday, and follow the project on our Facebook page!

Thank you!

Britain’s favourite coffee shop, Costa, joins #givingtuesday 2016!

This Tuesday we will be joining #givingtuesday for the first time, and reminding everyone about the Costa Foundation. We want to encourage everyone who visits our shops to #BuyGood, that’s why for every slice of Chocolate and Salted Caramel Shimmer Cake we sell, we will donate 10p to the Foundation enabling them to build a new library and study hall in a new school project next year.

Be sure to visit one of our stores and support this cause this #givingtuesday.

Simon Clark has been running around Britain’s coast since Easter 2016, raising funds for the disadvantaged children supported by Ecologia Youth Trust

But winter is almost here… and Simon will be continuing his self-funded run anti-clockwise along the coast of Britain regardless of the weather! Without places to stay he’ll either have to camp – which in the cold winter weather is not an option – or pay for accommodation out of his own pocket, up until April 2017.

This #givingtuesday we are asking our supporters to help Simon reach his fundraising goal of £20,000.

On #givingtuesday, Simon will be running along the south coast of England. Perhaps you will see him as he runs through your town or village. So instead of the cuppa you were about to buy, why not donate the price of that warming brew to keep Simon warm this winter by raising his spirits and helping him reach his target. The children will be the ones who will benefit most from your gift!

To donate, head over to his Virgin Money Giving Page here, and track where he is to make sure you don’t miss him running through your town or village, check out the live map here.

Maisie is one of our wheelchair skills trainers.

She teaches other young people everything they need to know to get around the city; how to take public transport and go out with their mates in a wheelchair. She learned these skills from Back Up and knows how important they are,

”Teaching people makes me realise how hard people try to be more active and independent in their chair and seeing others working hard makes me want to push myself further and to help more people with skills.”

On #givingtuesday Maisie is asking you to give £10 a month. This could allow her to teach more young people how to be independent in a wheelchair: donate here.

Every year offices across the country take part in Secret Santa gift giving.

Sometimes you get something perfect, other times you can’t help but feel the money spent could have gone to better use. That’s where the #GiveOrGift idea comes in.

Before names are pulled out of a hat, everyone gets to pick if they’d like their “Santa” to buy them a gift, or to give to charity on their behalf. It’s a really easy way for people to make sure the thought really does count at Christmas, and avoid unwanted gifts ending up in the bin.

The campaign is run by UK Money Bloggers, a collective of money saving, debt and money making digital writers, and is backed by BT MyDonate.

The charities supported are Shelter, The Trussell Trust (who run a number of food banks), Citizens Advice, Stand Up To Cancer, Children in Need and DEC. A £5 donation with Gift Aid means each will get around £1 every time someone picks Give.

Of course, you can run this with friends and families as well as colleagues – and even if you aren’t part of a Secret Santa you can simply just ask someone to donate.

For more information head to or to donate visit

This #givingtuesday, Create launches its Arts Adventures Christmas Appeal.

Our appeal will take life-enhancing creative arts workshops to children suffering illnesses, injuries and disabilities – many of them life-limiting and life-shortening such as cerebral palsy or leukaemia – in hospital, hospice and respite care.

Staying in hospital as a child can be a daunting, frightening and unhappy experience. Create is an award-winning charity that delivers ArtsAdventures: free, interactive music, dance and storytelling activities that offer a distraction from pain and medical procedures and allow children to interact, be creative and enjoy participating, whatever their condition.

“We have had a child in for several days who has restricted movement and really enjoys joining in. The workshop was really good for her both clinically and developmentally.” Hospital Staff

Your donation this Christmas will help Create to reach even more vulnerable young patients who often feel anxious and alone at a cost of just £40 per participant. Please help us to take the spirit of #givingtuesday into the lives of these sick children to enhance their well-being.