What the Owls Trust charity is all about.

Owls are among the top predators around the world. As their numbers decrease it is an indication of the health of each environment. Without a concerted effort from all of us, this fabulous place that we call earth is very slowly dying. Hence the “one owl at a time” line!

As a Charity we do all of the usual stuff; rescue wild injured owls and birds of prey and education is a large part of our work. We have also created a wonderful collection of owls from all over the world, here in North Wales, that the public can visit seven days a week entirely for free. We give all our guests a tour of the birds and explain why they are here and the problems these owls are facing in their natural habitats.

We have been working in the Dominican Republic since 1999 with the Government and the only Zoo in Santo Domingo to save the Ashy Faced Owl which is found only on the island of Haiti and the DR. This is just one more owl species that is facing extinction because of devastating developments on the island due to population growth and human activities. We have built aviaries at Zoodom, helped to educate the brilliant staff there about owls and we are now breeding these birds in captivity at the zoo, to ensure a genetically healthy population that we can, hopefully, one day put back into the wild.

The problems we have globally created look almost too impossible to deal with. But they are not if you just take one small step at a time. We do hope people will consider supporting us this year for  #givingtuesday and we can’t wait to celebrate the special day!