This year for #givingtuesday AfriCat UK is launching an appeal to adopt-a-brick to help build a permanent community school in Namibia.

Working with the people of Ehirovipuka conservancy in Namibia, AfriCat has already helped to run a project to help conserve lions in the wild. The project works with locals to ensure that they benefit from the presence of carnivores in their community, by helping to reduce stock losses, increasing personal safety and developing eco-tourism projects. In a new venture AfriCat is to work with the conservancy to build a school where 150 children from pre-school age to grade 3 can be educated in safe conditions.

The School Onguta was previously housed in a government supplied marquee, but sadly the structure was damaged in in high winds. Currently the school is housed in makeshift army tents, but the Conservancy have approached AfriCat with a request for assistance. The Conservancy is highly committed to the conservation of carnivores, and this project illustrates the value of wildlife conservation agencies working with local communities to ensure the preservation of cats in the wild.

Further details about the appeal and details of the launch can be found on our fundraising page.