Battered By Events?  Do Good Stuff

Dan Slipper from the press team at CAF, who run #givingtuesday, blogs about the day

Over the next few days there are a number of named days in the diary. They include Black Friday, Cyber Monday and #givingtuesday on 28 November. For several years now these events have become part of the annual build up to the festive season. #givingtuesday originated in the US and now takes place in over 70 countries around the world including the US, Canada, Russia, Germany, Spain, Singapore, Australia, Brazil and the UK. It is a day encouraging people to give something back either by supporting their favourite charity or good cause or simply by helping a relative, friend or stranger.

This year – 2017 – the world has been repeatedly struck by natural disasters. There have been devastating hurricanes such as Harvey, Irma and Maria. There have been shocking earthquakes in Mexico and Iran. There have been destructive monsoon floods in south Asia as well as deadly landslides in Sierra Leone and Colombia. As so often formal organisations, such as charities and NGOs, have rushed to help and provide much needed aid but what of our response as individuals?

Research by the Charities Aid Foundation has found that recent natural disasters – such as hurricanes, earthquakes and floods – have made 39% of respondents to a survey think more about other people, with 10% strongly agreeing this was the case. Thirty-seven per cent said they were more considerate of people around the world with nearly a quarter (23%) agreeing that they are more likely to help a stranger as a result of recent world events. In good news for organisations set up to help deal with these catastrophes, 21% of people said they were more likely to donate to charity generally as a result of recent events. Eleven per cent have already made a donation to a charity which is helping those affected, with a further 12% of people still planning to do so. Far from feeling powerless or that these events were beyond their control, respondents revealed that they thought more about other people and were determined to do something to help.

#givingtuesday therefore is more timely and relevant than ever. As preparations for the festive season gather pace, as the Christmas adverts air and the Black Friday deals persuade us to spend our cash, let’s not forget that third important day in the festive calendar. It is a day to stop, reflect and realise we are not rendered powerless by world events. We can make a difference, give something back and help those less fortunate than ourselves. So whether you donate money to charity or a good cause, commit to some fundraising, volunteer your time, lend your voice on social media or simply help someone in need, get involved and do good stuff on #givingtuesday.

Data is taken from the October 2017 UK Giving Survey, which collected information about charitable giving from adults aged 16 and over in the United Kingdom. The survey was conducted online by YouGov between 11 and 20 October 2017.  1,003 interviews were conducted in total.  The sample is nationally representative and is weighted to known population data on demographics including age, sex, social class and region.