Sarah from Chalso is based in Glasgow and makes jewellery that she sells worldwide via her Etsy shop. Here she tells us why she joined the #givingtuesday movement.

Tell us why you got involved with #givingtuesday.

I got involved after hearing about it from a very good friend of mine, Laura Chow who was a #givingtuesday Good ‘Un in 2016.

Have you taken part before?

2016 was the first year that I have participated in #givingtuesday, but it won’t be the last, I’m already thinking about how to get more people involved next year!

Tell us what you got up to on #givingtuesday

I use social media A LOT to promote my business, so I thought this was somewhere I could help spread the word about #givingtuesday. In November lots of businesses are promoting Black Friday sales. I decided, instead of having a sale, I would donate 10% of my November sales to Clyde Cash for Kids. During November, I promoted both #givingtuesday and #cashforkids on Twitter and other social media. My daughter also got in on the act, giving a presentation to her class about #givingtuesday; laying the groundwork for future #givingtuesday activities at her school.

And what was the result?

In November 2016 I donated £187.50 to Clyde Cash for Kids, £122.50 of that was donated on the actual day of #givingtuesday. I talked about #givingtuesday lots in the run up to the day with family, friends, fellow Etsy shop owners and on social media, making over three and a half thousand impressions on Twitter with my #givingtuesday tweets.

Will you be taking part again?

I will most definitely be taking part again next year and I’ll be encouraging more people to join me too!

Every little helps! I got involved with #givingtuesday after a single conversation with a friend. It really is that simple, spread the word!

Sarah, Founder