Find out why international charity Lepra signed up to take part in #givingtuesday

Why did you get involved with #givingtuesday?

We wanted to raise awareness of Lepra and of the disease leprosy, and we wanted to use the day to raise money for specialist shoes.

Tell us what you got up to on #givingtuesday

We set up a social media campaign in the run up to #givingtuesday and used the hashtag #GivingShoesDay, as our main aim was to raise funds for more specialist shoes to be made. We also contacted celebrities beforehand to ask them to share photos of their shoes on social media.

On the day we had an information stand set up at our local business partner Barclays, where staff members were able to talk to members of the public about Lepra and about #givingtuesday.

How did the day go?

Our social media campaign was great! We received 37 images of people’s shoes – 9 of which were from celebrities. That led to over 11,000 impressions on Twitter. We were also featured in the UK Fundraising online magazine, and we raised £334 for our specialist shoes.

“Having taken part in #givingtuesday for the past two years on a relatively small scale, this year we wanted to ramp up our communications to raise further awareness of our cause and turn #givingtuesday into a regular fundraising day for us. We found an opportunity to focus on one area that our organisation specialises in, which is creating protective shoes for people with leprosy – naturally from there the campaign name #GivingShoesDay was born.”

Isabel Cross, Director of Development