Brewgooder are all about harnessing the power of beer for a good cause.

And for Giving Tuesday 2018, the social enterprise smashed their fundraising target by raising £14,000.

The aim of their campaign, Jingle Wells, was to fund 12 well repairs in Malawi, to bring an additional 3,000 people clean drinking water –but with the total amount raised, the team were able to fund 14 repair projects.

And although the fundraising campaign helped raise £2,000 over their target, Brewgooder’s founder Alan Mahon says they will be planning further ahead this year to raise even more in 2019.

He said: “We are really pleased with the amount raised and ultimately we want to aim to even higher for 2019 by planning further ahead to maximise the results of the day.”

Launching Jingle Wells

The campaign was launched days before Giving Tuesday on Giving Tuesday partner Brewgooder asked drinkers to help them raise funds and in return offered them rewards for participation, including limited edition Christmas jumpers, festive gift cards, t shirts, and plenty of craft lager.

Speaking about their decision to join the campaign, James Hughes, head of brand and marketing at Brewgooder, said: “We decided to launch Jingle Wells slightly earlier to ensure we were live for Giving Tuesday, as the day ties in very well to the campaign.

“Our drinkers have already helped us impact the lives of thousands but we hope to continue the momentum into 2019 – what better way to do that than through a global platform that can help us raise the awareness of our mission.”

About Brewgooder

Since November 2016 the social enterprise has helped impact the lives of almost 40,000 people through access to clean water by fully and co-funding dozens of projects in Malawi.

In its first two years, the social enterprise distributed almost £50,000 to its water charity partners, which include the One Foundation, Nora Docherty Foundation and Water Wells for Africa.

The organisation leads projects that include borehole drillings and repairs, school feeding and sanitation systems, water access for mother and baby clinics, as well as training local communities on how to manage their water effectively.

In addition, the Brewgooder operates an Office Beer Club, partnering with over 100 companies who receive Brewgooder beer each month and make significant social impact by doing so.

The purchase of each case helps to provide one person with clean drinking water for a minimum of 5 years.