This #givingtuesday, Create launches its Arts Adventures Christmas Appeal.

Our appeal will take life-enhancing creative arts workshops to children suffering illnesses, injuries and disabilities – many of them life-limiting and life-shortening such as cerebral palsy or leukaemia – in hospital, hospice and respite care.

Staying in hospital as a child can be a daunting, frightening and unhappy experience. Create is an award-winning charity that delivers ArtsAdventures: free, interactive music, dance and storytelling activities that offer a distraction from pain and medical procedures and allow children to interact, be creative and enjoy participating, whatever their condition.

“We have had a child in for several days who has restricted movement and really enjoys joining in. The workshop was really good for her both clinically and developmentally.” Hospital Staff

Your donation this Christmas will help Create to reach even more vulnerable young patients who often feel anxious and alone at a cost of just £40 per participant. Please help us to take the spirit of #givingtuesday into the lives of these sick children to enhance their well-being.