Energising supporters with a refreshed campaign is just as important as reaching out to new donors.

This is what Giving Tuesday partner Muslim Youth Helpline set out to achieve through their Giving Tuesday campaign, raising £2,500 in the process.

Made up of just a team of volunteers and one full-time and one part-time employee, the charity was blown away by the success of its appeal which will help cover the operating costs of their helplines.

A ‘phenomenal’ result

Speaking about what motivated them to launch the campaign, Zohra Khaku, Director of the Muslim Youth Helpline, said: “It was awesome to reach out to new donors but also reconnect with people we knew as well.

“The first people you usually ask for help from are friends and family after all. So we used the Giving Tuesday platform as an excuse to get in touch with them again – especially because people get tired of supporting the same thing over and over. So we wanted to reach out to them with something that’s slightly different.

“And to raise £2,500 in a day – that is phenomenal for us.”

Working at Muslim Youth Helpline

The charity kickstarted their campaign with social media activity ahead of the day and a campaign on Launch Good, raising the profile of their work and even winning a prize of $1,000 after being featured in the top 20 of Giving Tuesday fundraisers.

Zohra added: “For us it’s huge. We learned that it works so we are planning for it earlier this year. It’s a chance to flex your campaign muscles and build on your existing successes.”

The charity also hosted a campaign for this year’s Ramadan, raising £38,000 to cover the operating costs of their helpline.

About Muslim Youth Helpline

Day to day, the charity works with young people in the Muslim community who can often feel they have nowhere to turn to for support.

The organisation offers a safe space for these individuals to open up about their problems and break down the culture of taboo around issues such as sexuality and mental health.

For more information visit https://www.myh.org.uk/.