‘Epic’ Twitter takeover shines a light on reasons to give

A human story is far more powerful than an organisation’s story.

That proved true for Reason Digital, who gave people a chance to share their experience of charity on Giving Tuesday and as a result had more audience engagement on the day than any other day in 2018.

The social enterprise launched an eight-hour Twitter takeover, encouraging people from nine charities to share stories and shine a light on the reason people give to good causes.

And it is obvious from the numbers that the project was a success – the campaign generated 473 tweets and 2.2 million impressions, with just £10 (plus some people’s time) spent measuring and tracking the hashtag #ReasonsToGive.

The top tweet was from Teenage Cancer Trust, which reached more than 5.5k impressions.

Phoebe was one of three who took part in the Twitter takeover on behalf of Teenage Cancer Trust

‘Epic engagement’

Speaking about the results of the campaign, Emma Owens, Head of Marketing at Reason Digital, said:

“These stories drove epic engagement and more visits to our website on that day, than any other day in the whole of 2018. This wasn’t the purpose of our takeover but we feel it’s important to share the outcomes of a social media campaign such as this, as it could support charities in raising awareness and donations.”

Reason Digital uses digital expertise to tackle big social issues.

The organisation works with charities and non profits to support their causes, showcase the services they provide, and help them harness the power of digital.

Emma added: “We believe digital is the most scalable and efficient way to create positive change in the world. When planning this campaign, we saw an opportunity to share a basic insight piece on the impact of running this simple digital campaign, showing how it can help to support your goals as an organisation.

“This meant being transparent with our results and reach of the campaign. With such an inspiring group of people leading the way, we felt very comfortable doing so.”

For more information, visit https://www.reasondigital.com.