This Giving Tuesday Handicap International UK, a Nobel Peace Prize winning international inclusion charity, is inviting you to help child amputees live more independent and hopeful lives. We are aiming to raise £3,000, which could provide 100 new prosthetic limbs for children around the world.

Abdel Rahman, a twelve year old boy from Mosul, was sitting at home eating his breakfast one Friday morning when a missile fell on his house, causing major damage to his right leg. His family tried to flee the city and take him to hospital several times, but were forced to move from district to district with no access to medical care. By the time they got to a hospital his leg had begun to turn blue, and was beyond saving. Abdel Rahman himself made the difficult choice to have it amputated.

In June this year, his family travelled to Hasansham displaced people’s camp, where Handicap International has provided Abdel Rahman with much needed rehabilitation care, psychological support and a new prosthetic leg. Because of our support from people like you, we are able to offer these life-changing artificial limbs to children like Abdel Rahman, to help turn futures that seemed bleak into futures that are full of hope and possibility.

This Giving Tuesday we are inviting you to help child amputees like Abdel Rahman live more independent and hopeful lives. We are aiming to raise £3,000, which could provide 100 new prosthetic limbs. With your Giving Tuesday donations we can provide the opportunity for children to flourish and let them know that they are not alone. Together, we can provide the change needed for amputees to lead more independent and fulfilling lives.

Here at Handicap International UK, we work tirelessly alongside disabled and vulnerable people to help meet their basic needs, improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights. Since Handicap International was founded in 1982, our work has benefited several million people in more than 56 countries worldwide.

One billion people around the world live with some form of disability, making up around 15% of the global population. Despite being “the world’s biggest minority”, people with disabilities are often forgotten. They are regularly excluded from access to water, sanitation, healthcare, education and employment; and even though disabled people are usually among the most vulnerable, their needs are often overlooked by governments and by international organisations.

So, how do you get involved? You can donate directly to us via our JustGiving page, website or by texting HIUK17 £5 to 70070; or you could start a fundraising campaign for us so that we can reach our goal of 100 new artificial limbs for children around the world like Abdel Rahman. But don’t worry if you can’t donate right now, you can also share your support on Giving Tuesday by taking an #UNselfie and tagging #HandicapInternational in it! Thank you for your support!

Photo credit: ©William Daniels / Handicap International