#givingtuesday is very different to other charity campaigns.

But you already knew that, right? We’re different in that we don’t just support one charity or cause, rather we celebrate them all. And we’re different because we don’t tell participants what to do, we give them the freedom to choose something that suits them.

But one of the key things that sets #givingtuesday apart from other charity campaigns is our commitment to improving the charity sector all year round. That means we’re not just focused on one day in November (although it does get a lot of attention), but actually we’re committed to working throughout they year to provide our partners with training, resources and skills that will ultimately make them better at supporting the causes they care about.

We’re already working hard on creating those resources for the year ahead, but one of the first things we can share with everyone is our own evaluation of #givingtuesday 2016. This looks at all of the elements of the campaign; from how we fared on social media, to how many people took part. The evaluation will help us shape the campaign in 2017, but importantly it can be accessed by all of our partners as they look to reflect on last year and plan ahead for this year.

You can read the full evaluation report here.

We’ll be sending out full details of all of our training opportunities and new resources in due course, but for now if you have any questions about the report then please get in touch.

Kim Roberts is a Senior Campaigns Officer at CAF, and works on the #givingtuesday campaign.