Why Pennies from Heaven are getting behind GiveBack2020

A guest blog from Kate Frost, CEO of Pennies from Heaven.

Pennies from Heaven is a social enterprise and fundraising scheme that asks employees to donate the spare pennies from their payslip each month to charity.

Giving back, no matter how small, will make a difference. If we can all do a little bit, together we will make big change and that sits at the heart of Pennies from Heaven and the reason why we are 100% behind GiveBack2020.

This year has been challenging for us all in so many ways. For me its been the juggling of home schooling, home working and coping with the noise and mess of the family being home all the time – someone is always hungry!

What delighted me was the amount of people and businesses contacting us looking at ways they can help charities through this period. The pandemic has resulted in more companies joining Pennies from Heaven and donations have risen by 10%. Royal Bank of Scotland was one of these companies and within weeks all 50,000 employees across the UK and Ireland were being invited to donate to charity.

I am inspired by the engagement generated by the likes of Sir Captain Tom Moore, Joe Wicks and Children in Need, and believe that we all want to continue giving but we need to find new ways of doing so.

That is why Giving Tuesday is so important this year as it provides a platform for charities and businesses to share fundraising success stories.

It will remind us that we all have a part to pay, no matter how small, in enabling charities to continue their vital work in our communities.

You can read more about Pennies from Heaven at www.penniesfromheaven.co.uk.