Pennies – Turning micro-donations in to big impact

Pennies is on a mission to protect and grow micro-donations, ensuring people have digital ways to keep donating the small sums of money that are so vital to charities.  

Pennies offers businesses a powerful way to demonstrate social purpose, helps charities make a greater impact, and gives the public a way to donate without cash, as part of their daily lives. 

In an increasingly cashless society, Pennies’ ‘digital charity box’ gives customers paying by card or digital wallet a convenient way to add a small donation to their purchase, when shopping with participating retailers.  Whether in-store, online and in-app, it’s a simple, affordable and data-free way to donate, with 100% of funds raised going to charity.  

Millions of people are now using the digital charity box and to date Pennies has enabled more than 100 million micro-donations, raising millions of pounds in much-needed additional income for charities in the UK and Republic of Ireland.  Together, payment providers, retailers and their customers are helping hundreds of charities make a meaningful difference to the causes and communities they serve. Find out more at Pennies    

Because micro-donations matter, now more than ever.