Recently, our wonderful #givingtuesday partners GOOD Agency hosted 30 or so people at their offices for a special workshop – to discuss how to make #givingtuesday 2017 a brilliant success.

According to GOOD Agency’s creative director Reuben Turner the day is an opportunity for charities to raise money and for businesses to engage staff and customers in CSR and social purpose initiatives. But that’s not all. What if we approached the day slightly differently and instead of thinking about how we can get partners, volunteers and fundraisers to give to charity again, thought about what we could do for our supporters?

To help explore that thinking a bit more the team at GOOD Agency have produced a brand new resource for charity partners: ‘#givingtuesday, a chance to give back

The brand new resource offers ten ideas for things your organisation could do on #givingtuesday and has a whole host of examples of how they’ve worked for others. Take a look and consider whether you want to use #givingtuesday to give back this year.

And you can read more of Reuben’s thoughts on #givingtuesday by visiting the GOOD Agency’s blog here.