Victims of crime can often feel alone, isolated and as though their life has been turned upside down.

To show your support for people affected by crime on #givingtuesday and to raise awareness of the impact of crime, we’re asking people to share an #upsidedownselfie and to donate £3 to Victim Support.

You can make your #upsidedownselfie by simply rotating your picture or trying out something more complex like a hand stand. The possibilities really are endless and we’d always recommend you to do something within your comfort zone.

You can donate £3 to Victim Support by texting the word ‘TURN’ to 70300. Remember #givingtuesday is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to do something good, so why not tag a friend in your post and ask them to join in on this very special day to help others.

Together, we can ensure that more people get the support that they need to move beyond crime to a safer, more positive place.