St. Francis’ Children’s Society is celebrating #givingtuesday by launching our Christmas Present Appeal!

This Christmas anyone can make a difference to an adopted child through the St. Francis’ Children’s Society Christmas Present Appeal – for as little as £3!

£3 could pay for a Christmas present for an adopted child at our annual Christmas party. We hope that an adopted child receiving a Christmas present from the charity will feel valued and special. Many adopted children will have had a difficult and traumatic past. Knowing that SFCS are here for them, whenever they need us, is a powerful message.

£11 could buy a special teddy to mark the start of an adopted child’s life with their new family. The teddy is a symbol of a new chapter in the child’s life, one filled with love and a family that will help them realise their potential. Each teddy is personalised with the child’s name, making them even more special.

£21 could pay for an adopted child to go on an activity day with another adopted child. Some adopted children are proud that they were specially picked by their family. Others can find it more difficult. Spending time with other adopted children is vitally important so that they know they aren’t alone. These days out allow them to develop practical and social skills and spend time with other adopted children who understand what they have been through.

Much of the support we provide is dependent on voluntary funding. Last year we helped over 2,000 adults and children. We simply couldn’t help this many people without our wonderful fundraisers so your support really means a lot – thank you!

To find out how you can support our Christmas Present Appeal then visit our website now.