Text giving top tips from DONATE

Text giving can really give a fundraising campaign legs when used to its potential, like with The Ruth Strauss Foundation’s Red For Ruth campaign, which raised £289,523 through text giving alone in July.

Looking to do the same? Here’s our top tips of how to make the most out of text giving to maximise income generation. And remember, there are load more tips and advice on our blog

1 – Choose a memorable keyword

Text giving platforms should allow you to select your own keyword. Choose one that is short, memorable, relates to your cause and does not have homophones (e.g avoid words such as NIGHT, BARE, DEER). If possible, also avoid acronyms (which may not be understandable to your audience) and numbers (which are hard to verbalise/can be confused with letters).

2 – Plan

Ensure you are prepared in the way you are delivering the keyword to give your audience enough time to donate. Perhaps if a virtual event, find a time at the beginning to explain there will be a text-give opportunity at a later point. Support any verbal communication with printed communication e.g on-screen, Eventbrite etc ticket emails, social media, banners etc. For more great ideas, read the DONATE™ blog

3 – Be clear

When talking about the charity and ways to donate, be as clear and visible to supporters as possible with information on how to support the fundraiser and who it will help to support. When the My Name’5 Doddie Foundation made a text ask at rugby stadiums Doddie Weir walked to the centre of the pitch. £25,000 was donated.

4 – Gift Aid and repeat giving

With text giving platforms like DONATE™ donors can add Gift Aid to their donations, boosting the donation value, and convert their donation into a regular monthly donation. For charities this can be a lifeline, especially during lockdown where many donors want to continue to support their local charity and for those who would ordinarily be making donations at places of worship.

5 – Thank, thank, thank

Whether it’s a fundraising event or an on-going fundraiser, audiences are boosted by thank you messages and updates on how much has been raised so far. Text giving also grants access to live totalisers due to the immediacy of the platform.

Some definitions to help you on your way:

  • Keyword – the word that supporters will text to make their donation
  • Channel – the amount being donated e.g £1, £5, £10, £20
  • Text number – the telephone number your supporters will text the keyword to. Note that charity text numbers in the UK begin with 7.

To learn more about how text giving can revolutionise your fundraising, visit www.nationalfundingscheme.org/sms-text-giving or email gillian.westley@nationalfundingscheme.org