Thank you to each and every one of our thousands of partners who put so much time and effort in to making Giving Tuesday an incredible success. We were trending on Twitter again all day (from 8am to 6.15pm), with over 487 million impressions on Twitter and over 200 media mentions on the day itself.

Thank you to everyone who Tweeted, posted, shared and liked Giving Tuesday messages on social media. We hope you achieved what you wanted to with the day and enjoyed it too.

Thank you to all the celebrities out there who used their voice to talk about wonderful charities; some of the big name supporters include Ian McKellen, Michelle Obama and Zayn Malik.

PayPal match-funding still going

PayPal still have some of their match-funding pot left and are rolling over the 10% match-funding offer to today and until it runs out.

A great opportunity to highlight in your thank you messages to supporters, especially for those who missed out on donating yesterday!

We’d love to hear how your day went

Here in Giving Tuesday HQ, we are going to spend the next few days winding down from the Giving Tuesday buzz, collecting as much information as possible about the results to share with you. We’d love to hear from you about how your day went. We will be sending out a short survey this week, but if you’d like to get in touch with any headline stats, we’d be delighted to hear about them. Contact to let us know.

Best wishes from the Giving Tuesday Team

PS Giving Tuesday 2020 is on 1 December – put it in your diaries J