After losing 7 family members to cancer Gemma wanted to turn her grief into energy. She has since raised over £10,000 for Worldwide Cancer Research running ten marathons across two continents with her husband Craig.

You have been doing some amazing good stuff – running marathons. Where do you get the energy? 

I eat a lot and I have to admit I am self-proclaimed 100 mile an hour sort of person, I don’t sit still. I apply the same logic to my running!

What’s your favourite post-race treat?

When I finish a marathon (and when I can stomach some food) we treat ourselves to 20 McDonalds Chicken Nuggets & some coca cola, then it’s usually a take-away or meal out later on. When we run the marathon we burn on average 3500 calories, plus the 2000 calories we should have eaten that day means we have a 5500 calorie deficit to make up for.

If you do one good thing today, what is it going to be?

At running club when we leave a mass group I always shout encouragement at everyone regardless of their abilities from the newbie to the quickest. I think encouragement is how people grow into themselves.

You can follow Gemma’s progress on Twitter @gemhay182, or donate to her fundraising efforts here