Treating young carers to well-deserved gifts

Giving Tuesday 2018

Looking after a family member or a friend can have a big impact on someone’s life, but many young carers do this without asking for anything in return.

And on Giving Tuesday 2018, the charity Carers Link decided to treat many of its young carers to gifts in time for Christmas, showing them just how much they are supported and valued.

Based in East Dunbartonshire, the organisation launched an appeal asking for gifts rather than money, using the Giving Tuesday platform to reach a wider audience.

Speaking about the day, information coordinator Katy Green said twenty of the charity’s young carers were able to benefit from the donations.

She said:

“We received a number of gift donations that we would not normally have received. We surprised the young carers at their Christmas party, and were able to give them a fun break away from the responsibilities of caring.

It was our little gesture to show them how much they are valued and appreciated for their hard work.”

Speaking about the value of using Giving Tuesday as a platform for their appeal, she said:

“Normally we fundraise only at a local level, but this gave us a voice on a national platform. It gave us access to a bigger audience and publicity. As a small charity, that is an invaluable opportunity and we were delighted we could treat our young carers as a result.”

About Carers Link

The charity supports and advocates for carers so that their experience is respected and valued.

The organisation wants to see the carers have the best possible quality of life, offering emotional support and offering assistance to help them fulfil their potential.