For more than 50 years Transform Europe Now (TEN) has been working with over 70 national partners in the poorest nations of Europe.

We work to bring relief to communities languishing in dire poverty. Each winter our partners make a special effort to provide for families and individuals trapped in desperate circumstances, bringing shoe-boxes filled with gifts to thousands of children, offering logs for the fire, blankets to keep warm and new clothes and shoes for the children. Most of this work is as a result of the generosity of UK donors.

Donating money towards TEN’s WinterHelp Appeal enables our partners to buy food, fuel and other vital provisions at local prices. This costs much less than it would to source and send supplies from the UK.

On #givingtuesday, 29th November 2016, TEN is launching its latest campaign, WinterHelp, to raise vital funds to assist thousands of people in Eastern Europe. In addition to approaching our lovely, regular donors we are spreading the word through social media to reach new donors. Gifts from £10 will make a huge difference to the lives of individuals and there’s an exciting option to choose from a selection of gifts available online.

Thanks to CAF we’ll be very busy on social media promoting WinterHelp, so look out for us and best wishes to all charities taking part in #givingtuesday.