This #givingtuesday Worldwide Veterinary Service are launching their Christmas Appeal, aiming to help more animals in need than ever before!

A major part of our work is supplying charities all over the world with the medicines and equipment they need to treat the animals in their care. These parcels can include anything from tick and flea treatment or bandages, to stethoscopes or suture equipment.

Charities in need contact WVS every day asking for help. They create a wish list of supplies they need, and we do want we can to turn these wishes into realities.

No matter what size they are, they have a huge impact. One 2kg parcel can go a long way, saving the lives of thousands of animals across the globe, from Bulgaria to India, Costa Rica to Malawi.

This Christmas WVS want to send out more parcels than ever before, but we can’t do this without your help!

By donating to the WVS Parcel Appeal, you could give a life-saving gift to animals who desperately need help.

– £6 could send a 1kg parcel of parasite treatments to keep a whole shelter flea free this Christmas
– £12 could send a 2kg parcel of medicines to help spay and neuter dogs in Bulgaria
– £25 could pay for 2 parcels to help vaccinate cats in Thailand
– £50 could send 4 parcels which could provide lifesaving treatment to Donkeys in India who have been hit by passing traffic
– £120 could send 10 parcels full of life-saving supplies, reaching thousands of animals across the globe

Helping us break our record is simple. Decide how many parcels you want to pay for and then you can either fundraise or donate tto reach your goal.

Together, we CAN make a a difference!