Charities are the backbone of our society, providing services and support that make a world of difference to their beneficiaries. And while Giving Tuesday might be an unrivalled opportunity for businesses and the public to give something back to the causes they care about, supporting small charities at the same time is an equally worthy cause.  

The hard work you do offers a beacon of hope for so many – but struggling to stay afloat and gain attention with limited resources can feel like a never-ending occupation, one that can make large-scale campaigns like Giving Tuesday seem daunting and gargantuan. 

That’s why we’ve pulled together these simple, quick wins for your small charity to thrive alongside the charity giants and inspire your supporters on the day Giving Tuesday and, in fact, every other day of the year.  

Set up a fundraising page 

Have you set up your own fundraising platform to collect donations? These can be a great way to make the donation experience simple and easy for your supporters, with many very user-friendly options for creating a page when you’re short on time. The choice, however, can be overwhelming and making your decision can feel like a weighty task. We’ve simplified it for you by finding some for you: 

  • CAF Donate – This platform, allowing you the creative freedom to create online donation pages which reflect your charity’s branding, has helped thousands of small charities to raise many millions for their causes. No monthly charges or sign-up fees helps too. 
  • Enthuse Donations – Another platform which helps you to raise your impact while showing off your branding, and an added bonus of no processing fees, this is a great option for those hoping to offer your supporters a fast, personal online donation experience.  
  • Facebook Fundraising – Boost your donations through Facebook, with no processing fees and many options for you in terms of how you receive donations.  
  • Givey – Created with an exclusive focus on small charities, Givey allows every penny from each donation to support your cause. This is another with no processing fees.  
  • GoFundMe – This platform puts the power in your hands to set up quick and easy campaigns, built with smaller charities in mind. 

Create a page on your website to share your specific Giving Tuesday asks  

While this may not sound ‘quick and simple’ at first glance, creating bespoke Giving Tuesday pages for your websites don’t have to take an age. This could be as simple as a publishing a short and snappy blog (consider bullet-points for timeliness), or a dedicated webpage that can be highlighted on your main page, depending on capacity and resources available to you.  

Either of these options can be used to offer information on what your supporters can do to help, and similarly give you something to shout about and share across your communications platforms.  

Don’t forget about gift aid  

Giving under Gift Aid means that so much more money can be raised for your Giving Tuesday campaign, maximising your impact at no extra cost to your donors – what’s not to love?  

Remember to make the most of this gift that keeps on giving. More funds mean an increased ability to meet the needs of your beneficiaries and deliver unparalleled services and support. For small charities, this is one of the easiest ways to make donations go the extra mile. Don’t be shy about  shouting about it to your supporters and encourage them to tick the box. 

Get your community involved  

Communities can be an invaluable source of support for charities of all sizes. But for small charities, nurturing your beneficiaries and the local communities you operate in is a great way to ensure your audience is in-the-know. It also gives them a chance to give back to you.  

Consider hosting a bake sale or another fun activity – this is an opportunity to spread your messages, thank your community for their time and support, and let them know how they can directly support you in return.  

Consult the guidance of our Toolkit to help you create quick but effective personalised Giving Tuesday messaging 

Don’t forget to check out our Partner Toolkit (link), making your Giving Tuesday journey easier, effective, and hopefully enigmatic. It’s there for you to make the most of, and we hope it inspires and aids you in building a striking campaign.  

The toolkits offer a lot of examples that you are invited to use – simply take what you need and feel free to get creative and make it your own. 


We wish you all the luck in the world this Giving Tuesday. Our final and most important piece of advice? Have fun with it – we’ll be rooting for you every step of the way! 

Got questions we haven’t covered? Drop us a line at and we’ll happily offer our insights or point you in the right direction.