Here at nsif, we are aware of how difficult the winter can be for those with spinal injury.

The body’s ability to regulate temperature is a function that people lose when they suffer a spinal injury. Typically, individuals with spinal cord injury from trauma or medical issues will not be able to effectively adjust their body temperature. When hot or cold they cannot sweat or shiver below the level of injury because the brain does not receive the message that a body temperature correction needs to be made.

People with spinal injuries are given the advice to stay inside during the cold months to avoid the dangers associated with getting too cold, such as hyperthermia. It is also increasingly difficult in the cold and wet weather to navigate icy pavements in a wheelchair. These additional hazards are just some of the things people with spinal injury have to contend with during the festive period.

Currently there is no cure for spinal cord injury, at nsif we hope to change that. Which is why this #givingtuesday, we are organising our first Christmas event, to raise vital funds for cutting edge research into a cure for spinal injury.

The event will consist of carols, canapés and readings from some of our celebrity patrons including Helen Fospero and Jeffrey Archer. All of the proceeds of the concert will go to the pioneering research that we fund to find a cure for spinal cord injury.

You can book your tickets for this special event now by visiting our eventbrite page.