We are participating in #givingtuesday for the first time and are using the day to launch our Education Fund Appeal in memory of our trustee Bill Powell, who was himself an inspirational educator.

In smaller villages, finances are often a major factor in preventing a child from continuing their education. Our Bill Powell Education Fund will give every child in the Tanzanian village of Kindwitwi the chance to be the best they can be, by ensuring they have the financial support to education opportunities from kindergarten through to college or university.

Formed in 1983, The Rufiji Leprosy Trust helps families affected by leprosy in the village of Kindwitwi in Rufiji District of Tanzania. Kindwitwi was oringinally a ‘leprosy camp’ where people who contracted leprosy were sent to avoid other people in their community catching the disease.

Thirty years on, with leprosy now curable, anyone diagnosed early can be treated and can continue to live their life and be a part of their community.

However, the legacies of disabilty and stigma associated with the disease means there are still children from families affected by leprosy who need our support.

Help us to keep the village kindergarten running, to ensure children attending primary and secondary school have uniforms and books and that every child from the village has the opportunity to reach their full potential.