Regular runner Becky found a way to turn her daily exercise routine into a way to do good stuff! She’s teamed up with GoodGym, a national community of runners and has completed 500 good deeds with them.

You have been doing some amazing good stuff – completing almost 500 good deeds with GoodGym. What got you started? 

It was soon after I moved from the north to London, which can be a very lonely place at first. I wanted to meet people, I’d always loved a good run and I was keen to get to know about what was going on in my local community.

How do you get the energy to do all that running?

I get so much energy from the other GoodGym runners and from the people we meet at the community organisations we run to help out. I also run to visit an older, quite isolated man in my neighbourhood every week through GoodGym. He’s ace, a real comedian, and having the purpose of running to visit him is a real motivator when I’m feeling low on energy. I’m also a bit addicted to these coconut and cherry flapjacks at the moment (I’m not sure whether these give me energy or make me a more sluggish runner though).

Lots of people probably wouldn’t fancy running, but what would you say to them to inspire them to do some good stuff for charity?

I’ve never felt more content than when I know I’ve contributed to my community, made something a little easier for someone or made someone smile. It gives me a purpose and I’ve met some of my best friends through volunteering.

Becky lives in London and has been doing good with GoodGym since 2013. Find our more about what she’s up to by clicking here.