Phillippa & Hannah founded Give a Damn Dating – a dating service for singletons who like to do good! 


You encourage people to do good stuff together, by doing it on a date! What gave you the idea?

Mainly it was our own dating experiences – not only the increasingly app-driven, transactional nature of dating, but also consistently meeting people who didn’t share our values or weren’t passionate about similar things. We knew that lots of people did really ‘give a damn’ but weren’t necessarily in the ‘online’ dating world. We’ve all had enough of those awful date disasters – surely there’s a better way to meet people!

What’s usually people’s reaction when they hear about GADD?

It spikes people’s curiosity. People tend to love the idea of meeting someone whilst doing an activity that they genuinely enjoy and where meeting someone isn’t necessarily the central tenet. There’s no forced conversation, and our events just take the pressure off.

Have you ever had any successful dating stories, or what about horror stories?!

We’ve purposefully avoided the rigid collection of user feedback, but people often swap numbers. However, we do have one stand out couple who met back in October 2015 at an event we ran. They have been going strong ever since, and we reckon could even make it the altar (Let’s hope this doesn’t jinx them…)!

If you do one good thing today what is it going to be?

Philly is finishing making her nephew’s birthday present (involves sewing machine and numerous pieces of fabric) and whilst Hannah can’t compete with that, she’ll take time to call family today.

Hannah Leach & Phillippa Banister co-founded Give a Damn Dating in 2015. Follow their progress on Twitter @GiveADamnDating