Jodie does her good stuff at uni. She chairs the fundraising society and has founded a campaign to provide homeless women with sanitary products.


You do loads of good stuff at uni. Tell us about it.  

I started volunteering with the Stroke Association when I was 16 but I didn’t really do anything between 18 and 20, except went out too much! Then we had a collection to get sanitary products for homeless women and from there I came up with an idea to start a campaign called Time of the Month campaign.

How many times a day do you check your phone?

Far more than I’m happy with! I’ve had to take drastic measures and delete certain apps or lock my phone away when I’m revising. But the majority of time that I use my phone it is for something important. I use it to send emails, keep in contact with charity partners and answer questions from my RAG committee.

 What drives you to do good stuff? 

I honestly believe that it’s nice to be nice. I really love working with people and making a difference and it helps that the people you get to meet are often wonderful too. A lot of my friends do really great things too and this definitely helps.

 If you do one good thing today what is it going to be?

Stop procrastinating…

You can say hello to Jodie via LinkedIn.