Simon is doing some serious good stuff – running the coast of Britain for charity.

What on earth inspired you to run the coast of Britain?

I wanted to take on a challenge and decided to follow the edge of the sea along the mainland coast to test my own limits. I also wanted to build a relationship with a local charity and Ecologia Youth Trust, which is just around the corner from where I live carries out great work so I wanted to raise money for them.


What’s your favourite food out on the road?

At the moment it’s avocado on toast for breakfast. I’m vegetarian but when I am staying with someone, I follow what the monks do and accept what I’m offered!

Not everyone wants to run 5,000 miles. What would you say to other people to inspire them to do good stuff for a cause they care about?

Choose something you have a talent or capacity for, stretch it, and then do it. And when you do it, commit. Goethe once said: “when you commit, providence moves with you, and all sorts of things that you never conceived could happen, happen.” I believe that.…

You can keep up to date with Simon’s progress via his Facebook page or visit his fundraising page here