What can you do to help animal welfare in 2017?

RSPCA Warrington, Halton and St Helens are a separately registered charity to the national RSPCA and have to raise all their own funds to help the animals in their care.

They are a cruelty case boarding centre, caring for cats and dogs that have been removed by inspectors. The animals are cared for by staff and volunteers at the centre until the prosecution case against their owners come to an end. Once the cases are concluded the animals are signed over and the centre can begin the process of finding them a permanent and loving home.

To support the vital work that they do all year round, RSPCA Warrington, Halton and St Helens are taking part in #givingtuesday this year, and asking people to support them.

They will be launching a giving tree, asking people to write pledges on tags hanging on the tree to help animal welfare in the new year. For example the pledge might be to take an elderly neighbours dog for a walk, or they might talk about how they’re going to help the RSPCA branch – like by donating money for a dogs Christmas dinner.

The tree will be in local garden centre Bents Garden and Home and can be found in their Pet Place. The tree will be in Bents from #givingtuesday (Nov 29th) until Friday 23rd December. People are being encouraged to share a picture of themselves making a pledge or carrying out an act to help animal welfare this Christmas using the hashtag #AnimalGivingTree