All charities need to be able to speak effectively to their supporters, volunteers, donors, members, trustees and other beneficiaries.

Guild is a mobile-first platform for communities, groups and networks that can help charities to stay in touch with everyone they need to keep in the loop, while respecting data privacy.

Whether you need to create supporter communities, working groups, volunteer networks, advisory and trustee groups, mentoring or beneficiary spaces – there are many ways charities can use Guild. See below for some charity success stories.

Guild is partnering with Giving Tuesday for a fourth year and is kindly offering registered charities in the UK* and the US** the chance to use their ad-free, data privacy/GDPR app for free, for life. (Terms and conditions apply – see below)

How can Guild help your charity?

Guild creates safe, GDPR compliant, private spaces to communicate, connect and collaborate with your charities’ most important partners – whether that’s donors, trustees, beneficiaries, staff and volunteers or other supporters.

See how other charities are using Guild:

Bookmark, a child literacy charity co-ordinates their volunteers nationally using a Guild community, making their volunteer communications much more efficient.

Read why Bookmark chose Guild over WhatsApp for volunteer engagement

Race Equality Matters
Race Equality Matters uses Guild to bring a community of like-minded people committed to tackling race inequality together. They’ve created a safe, private, trusted space for supporters to collaborate for actionable change, post questions, discuss challenges, share tips and celebrate success.

Read how Race Equality Matters boosts diversity initiatives with Guild communities

Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity helps build, repair and renovate the homes of some of the poorest people and communities in the world and build strength, resilience and independence. They use Guild to coordinate volunteers for house-builds.

Read how Guild helps Habitat for Humanity build houses in Honduras

Spotlight Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease
The health charity brings together advisors and board members in different locations and time zones using Guild for board meetings and discussions.

Read how Spotlight Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease have simplified board communications using Guild

*Giving Tuesday 2022 Guild Gift – UK Terms & Conditions

Guild are giving to UK charities this Giving Tuesday. We’re gifting Guild: the mobile-first platform for communities, groups and networks free to charities, for life.

This gift is restricted to UK charities and non-profits registered on The Charity Register with a total income of <£5m per year. (If you are a social enterprise or CIC, please contact Guild to discuss further)

Charities need to have contacted Guild by February 28th 2023 to qualify for the gift. The gift is subject to fair use of the Guild platform.

For more details and terms and conditions, please see Guild supports charities in partnership with Giving Tuesday.