Giving Tuesday is the perfect opportunity for charities to use sales fundraising to engage new and existing business supporters, writes Jules Smee from Work for Good

Here are three tips to help fundraisers encourage sales fundraising this Giving Tuesday.

1. Utilise your current supporter base.

If you consider that 99.9% of the business population is made up of SMEs and 16.3 million people work for an SME, it is likely that some of your supporters also own or work for an SME. Optimise the influence of Giving Tuesday as a way to inspire your supporters to use their business to raise funds for your charity by donating a portion of their sales to your charity,. For example: donating 10% of a product or service.

Sales fundraising or cause-related marketing as it is sometimes known, is a sustainable way of fundraising, as businesses are only committed to donating what they have raised in relation to what they have sold. Not only will they be able to raise funds in a way that works for them but they have the chance to benefit from the global reach of Giving Tuesday, to amplify their businesses charitable giving and raise vital brand awareness for your cause.

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2. Slot sales fundraising into your communication channels.

Use your newsletter and emails to tell your supporters about sales fundraising as a way businesses can maximise the wonderful opportunities Giving Tuesday presents. Keep the messaging simple.

Add sales fundraising as an option on your ‘Ways To Fundraise’ webpage . Illustrate to supporters that sales fundraising is an easy and sustainable way for their business to donate no matter the size of their gift. Here is an example of how Cool Earth has done this or use our templates to help you.

3. Encourage businesses to use Giving Tuesday to make an impact.

It is great for businesses to tell their customers that they are fundraising for charity and this can be even more impactful when they get to join in with the global day of giving. Encourage them to use the #GivingTuesday hashtag and ask them to tell their community about their favourite charities and causes. When they do publicise their giving on social media, make sure your team knows to stay engaged and share their social media posts to spread that awareness even wider!

There are so many other reasons why businesses should get involved with Giving Tuesday and so many ways they can maximise the opportunity. Check out this blog post and share with your supporters to educate businesses about the benefits of Giving Tuesday and sales fundraising.

Since 2020, ethical children’s skin-care brand Rowdy Kind has used Giving Tuesday to raise money for mental health charity YoungMinds by donating 10% of sales of a range of Christmas products. Last year, they launched their sales fundraising in mid-October, and used Giving Tuesday to amplify the campaign and raise vital funds.

Streamline the process:

In order to encourage businesses to support your charity by raising funds through their sales, it’s important to ensure that it is quick and easy. Offering a streamlined process and a simple digital solution to the legal agreement needed for sales fundraising, called a Commercial Participation Agreement (CPA), is smart way to do this.

That’s where Work for Good can help. Our digital CPA solution has allowed charities including Mind and the DEC to accept donations of any size from businesses and ensures their business supporters can create the right agreement to be able to proudly and legally start their sales fundraising and publicise their amazing support.

If your charity has a Work for Good page make sure it is updated with your Giving Tuesday campaign.