The Payroll Giving Team are asking you to get behind #givingtuesday.

At the Payroll Giving Team we wanted to ensure that our #givingtuesday plans were not only about giving back ourselves, but about encouraging people to follow suit and in turn encourage those they know to do likewise.

We also felt that if we ever wanted Payroll Giving to become more widely used, we had to grab this chance to get some conversations going in the right place, at a relevant time. So this year for #givingtuesday we’ve put together an offer called #tweetfor20. We’ll be adding £20 on top of Payroll Giving Donations made via us between Monday 28th November and Friday 2nd December; meaning everytime someone gives, we give too!

The top-up will be paid on those donations which meet our eligibility criteria, part of which is that employees must Tweet about their donation, using the hashtags #givingtuesday, #payrollgiving and #tweetfor20.

#givingtuesday is the perfect moment for a ‘call to action’ from the Payroll Giving Sector. The #givingtuesday message is simple: do something good for a cause you care about, in a way that works for you – which is exactly what Payroll Giving is all about. For our corporate clients, promoting Payroll Giving on #givingtuesday is simple, easy and about being a workforce for good.”

Jacqui Abraham, Client Director, The Payroll Giving Team