Eight volunteers have been shortlisted in the search for the 2017 #givingtuesday UK Charity Champion, who will inspire the nation to ‘do good stuff’.

#givingtuesday is led in the UK by Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) and will take place on Tuesday 28th November. It calls for people to ‘do good stuff’ for causes, and the #givingtuesday champion will serve as an ambassador for the campaign.

Previous winners of the campaign include Andrew Davies, who raised £150,000 for Sheffield Children’s Hospital, and Courtney Hughes who has launched her own charity to distribute Christmas presents to people in care homes in Oxfordshire.

The winner of the champion search will be given a platform to share their story to inspire others, and to show why people should come together on #givingtuesday to do good stuff.

This year’s shortlist includes:

Brian Dix, of Gloucester, who set up Goals Beyond Grass to help people with disabilities to do physical and social activities. Patrick Cleal, who nominated Brian, said: “Brian is selfless and works night and day to make a positive difference to the lives of disabled people.”

Retired teacher John Breeze, from Wadebridge, known as Breezy has donated the proceeds of his busking to Leukaemia Busters since 1996 and has to date raised more than £64,000.Susan Rudge, who nominated John, said: “Come rain or shine Breezy can be found at Padstow Harbour singing to raise funds for Leukaemia Busters.

“Breezy plays for appreciative passers by along the harbour wall at Padstow where he gladly receives donations into his open guitar case.”

Jessica Lewis, from Kent, who has raised more than £300,000 for mitochondrial disease researchers at Great Ormond Street Hospital since 2012, when she lost her 14-month-old daughter Anna to the illness. Jessica set up a Brighter Future Fund, organizing events such as runs, walks, fun days, balls and cake sales – with one friend even being sponsored to go through labour in silence.

Claire Wright, who nominated Jessica, said : “Anna was fit and well until she was 10 months old and then suddenly the condition showed itself. After her death Jess decided something had to change. It was just not right there was nothing anyone could do for children like Anna.

“She is an utter inspiration. As a mum who has lost a child to the same condition I know how hard it is to get up some days.”

Maura Jackson is the CEO of Bolton Young Persons Housing Scheme and Endeavour, and previously ran a domestic abuse charity in West London. Dianne Gilmore, who nominated Maura, said: “She has organised and participated in all our charity events. Quizzes, coffee mornings, sponsored bike rides and walks, charity sleep outs, she’s organised them all.

“Even her dog raised £560 doing a sponsored walk.”

Tracy McGarrie  manages a Costa store in Newcastle, and has created a partnership with local charity Journey. Adam Bird, who nominated Tracy, said: “Clients from Journey volunteer in the Costa store and gain valuable life and work skills. This has led to people being offered paid work and making huge amounts of progress in their lives.

“Tracy also shaved her hair to raise money for the charity, and goes above and beyond every single day”

Father-of-three Dean Reilly, from Edinburgh, who has raised funds for the MS Society Scotland. Tommy Sheppard MP, who nominated Dean, said: “Dean is a young single dad with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). He works tirelessly to raise awareness of the condition and funds for the MS Society Scotland.

“Since his diagnosis in October 2012, he has been raising money through various challenges, including marathons, the Edinburgh Triathlon, the Mighty Deerstalker and various other mentally and physically draining challenges. Impressive for anyone to do these challenges, but even more impressive because Dean himself has multiple sclerosis.”

Jason Roberts, of Wakefield, has galvanised his team to raise funds for various charities through his work at Dixons Carphone, and has always thrown himself in at the deep end of activities.

Andrea Cooper, who nominated Jason, said: “Since taking over the running of the Team Knowhow Contact Centre, Jason has made a massive difference to how we look at charity fundraising – and this is demonstrated in the increase in funds raised. This amounts to tens of thousands of pounds as well as voluntary work manning helplines for national causes like Comic Relief.

“Jason isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty or join in with events. He knows that if an event is being run and it involves colleagues getting the chance to throw a wet sponge at him or sponsor him to do a challenge, lots of cash will be made.”

Kevin Webber, of Epsom, Surrey, is a husband and father-of-three who has raised more than £200,000 for Prostate Cancer UK since being diagnosed with the disease in 2014. He has taken part in an ultramarathon in the Sahara as well as races in Iceland, Spain and across the UK. In 2018 he plans to complete the Likeys Yukon 6633 Ultra – a gruelling challenge of 560 kilometres non-stop while pulling a sledge across the Arctic, in temperatures below -50c.

Alison McCall, who nominated Kevin, described him as “a truly inspiring individual”, adding that: “From almost day one of receiving his prognosis, Kevin has challenged himself to the utmost extremes. Kevin is an excellent raconteur, sharing his deeply moving story and his journey to date with numerous friends, colleagues and others impacted by this disease, raising awareness and educating people whilst also benefitting the charity through his considerable fundraising efforts and achievements.

“He is an amazing and inspirational person who has gone above and beyond to show extraordinary commitment to his charity and has inspired many individuals to challenge themselves whilst doing so.”

Ben Russell, Director of Communications at Charities Aid Foundation, said:

“We’re delighted to have received so many nominations. It’s now over to the judges to read about all the wonderful work each of these people have done, and choose the champion who will help inspire others to do something in support of a good cause this #givingtuesday.”

When nurses suffer hardship, Cavell Nurses’ Trust gives help. We’re #HereForNurses.

Cavell Nurses’ Trust supports UK nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants, both working and retired, when they’re suffering personal or financial hardship often due to illness, disability, older age and domestic abuse. We’re a charity and we help people at no cost to them.

The nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants we help say they’re often happier, healthier and able to stay in or return to work.

We’re getting involved with #givingtuesday by holding a collection at Grand Central, New Street Station, Birmingham. It takes place on #givingtuesday, 28th November, and our volunteers will be talking to commuters and shoppers about the problem of nursing hardship and how they can donate to make a difference to nurses’ lives, nurses like Joanne.

Aggressive breast cancer meant health visitor Joanne’s career abruptly halted. Rounds of radiotherapy and chemotherapy followed the shocking diagnosis, and on top of this, Joanne was struggling to make ends meet.

“I was having a meltdown. I couldn’t see how to cope. That’s when I was put in touch with Cavell Nurses’ Trust. It was like going from desperation to elation. It sounds silly but I remember I punched the air!”

Cavell Nurses’ Trust stepped in and provided money to get Joanne back on her feet and just 10 months after surgery, Joanne has started working as a health visitor again, caring for people in her community.

We’re proud that the support we give has such a positive impact on nurses’ lives. More than 80% of the people we help say the support they received helped them get back to, or stay in, work.

If you are passing through Grand Central in Birmingham on #givingtuesday, look out for the Cavell Nurses’ Trust team in their purple shirts and make your donation.

Find out more about Cavell Nurses’ Trust here https://www.cavellnursestrust.org
or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

The Favela Foundation is officially launching in #givingtuesday week.

After living and working in Brazil’s biggest favela, a group of friends have started a charity to continue to support the communities who have become such a big part of their lives.

The charity was set up with a simple goal: to contribute to the development and growth of sustainable social and educational projects in the favelas of Brazil.

On the 28th November we will run a social media campaign with the hashtag #givingtuesday and #DiaDeDoar to engage supporters, past volunteers, and partners across Brazil. Then on Thursday 30th November we will host our official launch party with an authentic Brazilian meal, and Rio style party at Cabana in Brixton, where guests can find out more about the charity, and our plans for the future. We love to see you there! You can get your tickets here.

“We believe that access to education and social welfare should not be restrictive and we, together with partners across Brazil, will work towards a brighter future where there are no boundaries to these opportunities.” – The Favela Foundation

See Change is a new name in Bristol, part of Bath based charity Julian House.

The charity offers a number of services in the area which tackle issues such as addiction, unemployment, domestic abuse and homelessness. Since our launch in May, we have been working to raise our profile within the community to gain support for our clients and ensure that our work can continue. We hold a number of annual events – including The Dragon Boat Festival in Baltic Wharf and The Colour Fun Run in Fishponds – but we want to grow.

We are using our #givingtuesday as a day to say thank you to those people and organisations that have supported us so far, and to help spread the word about who we are to potential new supporters. We are holding an open evening between 5.30 and 6.30pm at Barton Hill Settlement in Bristol. There will be snacks and drinks for everyone and representatives of our services will be there to answer any questions about our work. We might even bake some cakes!

We hope to come away from the day with more engaged volunteers and potential new fundraisers, and help with spreading our name throughout the Bristol Community.

What the Owls Trust charity is all about.

Owls are among the top predators around the world. As their numbers decrease it is an indication of the health of each environment. Without a concerted effort from all of us, this fabulous place that we call earth is very slowly dying. Hence the “one owl at a time” line!

As a Charity we do all of the usual stuff; rescue wild injured owls and birds of prey and education is a large part of our work. We have also created a wonderful collection of owls from all over the world, here in North Wales, that the public can visit seven days a week entirely for free. We give all our guests a tour of the birds and explain why they are here and the problems these owls are facing in their natural habitats.

We have been working in the Dominican Republic since 1999 with the Government and the only Zoo in Santo Domingo to save the Ashy Faced Owl which is found only on the island of Haiti and the DR. This is just one more owl species that is facing extinction because of devastating developments on the island due to population growth and human activities. We have built aviaries at Zoodom, helped to educate the brilliant staff there about owls and we are now breeding these birds in captivity at the zoo, to ensure a genetically healthy population that we can, hopefully, one day put back into the wild.

The problems we have globally created look almost too impossible to deal with. But they are not if you just take one small step at a time. We do hope people will consider supporting us this year for  #givingtuesday and we can’t wait to celebrate the special day!

Winter Feed Appeal Will Save Horses Lives

Remus Horse Sanctuary has launched a brand new winter appeal to help raise £2,500 to feed permanent residents at the Sanctuary. But not just that, money raised will also go towards feeding neglected, unloved and abandoned animals that are either tethered by their necks on waste ground or just left wandering and unwanted with no food, no water and no shelter.

Remus will be promoting their winter feed appeal on #givingtuesday – Tuesday 28 November – a date which is all about supporting and celebrating Britain’s charities.

At present, there are more than 7,000 horses at risk in the UK and the welfare crisis continues to escalate year on year with little or no progress. The news regularly features victims of physical and mental abuse and the Charity continues to receive calls daily. Keeping an animal fed over winter will give it a chance to thrive into Spring. Without the Sanctuary’s help, many animals will die a slow, painful and unnecessary death.

Sue Burton, Founder, says:

“Normally the amount of welfare calls we receive dip in the summer months – this year we have remained as busy all through the summer months which does not bode well for the poor horses this winter. We need to get food and water out to abandoned horses quickly and, without the public’s support, we just wouldn’t be able to do that! Every single donation no matter how large or small will be of huge benefit to those starving animals that no-one cares for.

“Winter is especially tough for us”, says Sue, “as we’re entirely self-funded. Without the support of the public there is no way that we could continue – everything costs money and the onset of the cold weather makes it even harder as feed, bedding and heating bills increase.

“I’m really hoping that #givingtuesday will give our campaign a real boost.”

Donations can be made via the charity’s JustGiving appeal page, via the Charity website at: www.remussanctuary.org/donate/ or by texting FEED36 £10 to 70070. Please note that text donations can only be for £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10. However, a donor can donate up to three times per day. £10 is the maximum donation amount for all mobile operators

For further information, visit www.remussanctuary.org or contact Sue Burton on tel: 01277 356191.


Learn more about how you can use tap+DONATE™ contactless on #givingtuesday

20% discount offered to givingtuesday partners

Recent figures from Payments UK show cash usage continuing to fall away – from 24% of all transactions in 2015 to a predicted 15% of all transactions by 2025. At the same time contactless is growing by the day with a projected 900% increase from 911 million transactions in 2015 to 10.1 billion in 2025! Or, to put it another way, contactless will account for 47% of all debit card transactions by 2025.

We commissioned YouGov last year to look at how much cash the nation holds and the picture is much the same – 70% of us hold less than £30, 60% of us hold less than £20; a picture that is pretty well constant across the UK regions. For those fundraisers who have been used to shaking buckets and counting notes, coins and buttons in their Perspex boxes things are a-changing …for the good.

Consider five £1 coins in your collecting bucket – was that one person or three people or five who put those coins there? Did you collect Gift Aid on the donation (or try to using the Government’s Gift Aid Small Donation Scheme) and how do you plan to stay in touch with the donor? What did it cost you to count, account and bank the £28.61, the €5 euro note and the ¥100 coin?

Digital fundraising (text, web, contactless including ApplePay) provide new and relevant channels to collect donations beyond cash. And, the good news is that when giving digitally, average donations are higher, more Gift Aid is claimed and opted-in contact details easier to collect.

Up to now though the time needed to research, and the cost to implement, these varying channels has been prohibitive. That’s why we set up a charity to offer the DONATE™ platform to all UK charities.

What is interesting though is to consider which of the various channels best fits a fundraising scenario. We’ve found that at lectures and talks text works best – simple to use and easy to communicate. At dinners and lunches, mobile-web giving raises more and donors are more likely to have the time to add Gift Aid and provide contact details. Finally, contactless is best when asking for promiscuous donations – when crowds are passing quickly through or time is short (commuters, foyer traffic or outdoor trails).

And now #givingtuesday partners can benefit from this new technology, with DONATE™, the UK’s mobile donation platform offering 2017 partner charities a reduced sign-up rate (from £250 to £199) for their newly launched contactless tap+DONATE™ units.

Working with Barclaycard the tap+DONATE™ tins can be either rented or bought by charities and allow donors to tap their debit or credit card (or enabled phones) on the device to give a fixed donation. A handy chip+PIN slot allows for larger amounts to be given and each unit can be branded. Over 700 charities are now part of DONATE™ and use the platform to raise funds in a wide variety of ways; from text donations to raffles, ticketing and silent auctions. Run by charity National Funding Scheme, DONATE™ is registered with the Fundraising Regulator providing extra assurance to participating partners.

To sign up and take advantage of this offer, #givingtuesday charities are asked to go to download their specific order form via this link. More general product information and FAQs are here: http://www.nationalfundingscheme.org/our-services-costs/our-services/ 

Written by William Makower, founding trustee of the National Funding Scheme 

Hands on Payroll Giving announce plans for #givingtuesday!

This year for #givingtuesday, Hands on Payroll Giving are pushing the UK’s fantastic Payroll Giving scheme with their ‘Giving Lifts You Up’ campaign.

Running for the entire week, starting on #givingtuesday, for every gift made to a charity partner, the campaign will add an extra £10 for every donation! The Hands on Payroll Giving Team will also be out and about in workplaces across the country with helium balloons, chocolates and selfie frames so people can take their very own “unselfies.” The campaign wants to celebrate people giving from their pay to the causes they feel close to, because no matter what cause – Giving Lifts You UP!

People can get involved from any workplace via the website www.hopg.co.uk – the £10 top-up is available to anyone that joins!

This #givingtuesday Worldwide Veterinary Service are launching their Christmas Appeal, aiming to help more animals in need than ever before!

A major part of our work is supplying charities all over the world with the medicines and equipment they need to treat the animals in their care. These parcels can include anything from tick and flea treatment or bandages, to stethoscopes or suture equipment.

Charities in need contact WVS every day asking for help. They create a wish list of supplies they need, and we do want we can to turn these wishes into realities.

No matter what size they are, they have a huge impact. One 2kg parcel can go a long way, saving the lives of thousands of animals across the globe, from Bulgaria to India, Costa Rica to Malawi.

This Christmas WVS want to send out more parcels than ever before, but we can’t do this without your help!

By donating to the WVS Parcel Appeal, you could give a life-saving gift to animals who desperately need help.

– £6 could send a 1kg parcel of parasite treatments to keep a whole shelter flea free this Christmas
– £12 could send a 2kg parcel of medicines to help spay and neuter dogs in Bulgaria
– £25 could pay for 2 parcels to help vaccinate cats in Thailand
– £50 could send 4 parcels which could provide lifesaving treatment to Donkeys in India who have been hit by passing traffic
– £120 could send 10 parcels full of life-saving supplies, reaching thousands of animals across the globe

Helping us break our record is simple. Decide how many parcels you want to pay for and then you can either fundraise or donate tto reach your goal.

Together, we CAN make a a difference!

The UK government will match donations to help young farmers in western Kenya set up sustainable horticulture businesses.

This #givingtuesday, international development charity Farm Africa is aiming to raise £8,000 in just one day towards its Growing Futures appeal to help young women and men in western Kenya escape poverty by growing and selling vegetables that are in high demand.

Farm Africa is proud to announce that for the next three months, all donations from the UK public to the Growing Futures appeal will be matched by the UK Government through Aid Match, meaning gifts will go twice as far.

Falling midway through the appeal, #givingtuesday on 28 November is the perfect day for Farm Africa to rally supporters behind the Growing Futures appeal. The charity has set itself the ambitious target of raising £8,000 on #givingtuesday, enough to give 50 groups of young farmers the high-quality seeds and agricultural training they need to change their lives not just this harvest but every harvest.

The funds raised will enable young adults living in poverty to set up their own sustainable horticulture businesses. Most importantly, Farm Africa will help project participants work with other young farmers so they can sell their crops in bulk for higher prices.

For one day only on #givingtuesday, 28 November, anyone donating £8 or more to support Farm Africa’s Growing Futures appeal will receive a free HIPPEAS tote bag kindly donated by HIPPEAS.

Farm Africa’s individual supporters will be encouraged to donate online to the charity on #givingtuesday, while employees of Farm Africa’s corporate partners will mark the day by organising fundraising events.

High-profile supporters of the Growing Futures appeal include the #givingtuesday UK campaign, Farm Africa’s patron Michael Palin, Ashley Palmer-Watts, executive chef of two Michelin-starred restaurant, Dinner by Heston, the supermarket Aldi, The Voice newspaper,  the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards, Restaurant magazine and The Grocer.

Donations to the Growing Futures appeal from individuals based in the UK will be doubled by the Government through UK Aid Match between 14 October 2017 and 14 January 2018.

Donations can be made online at www.farmafrica.org/growingfutures