We are spending today Giving Thanks for the wonderful Giving Tuesday we all enjoyed yesterday.

Thank you to each and every one of our thousands of partners who put so much time and effort in to making Giving Tuesday an incredible success. We were the top trend on Twitter again all day and gained media coverage in lots of the major news outlets, including BBC Online, The Guardian, Huffington Post, The Sun, The I Newspaper, Daily Mirror, Mail on Sunday, Telegraph, Financial Times and many more!

Thank you to everyone who Tweeted, posted, shared and liked Giving Tuesday messages on social media. We hope you achieved what you wanted to with the day and enjoyed it too.

Thank you to all the celebrities out there who used their voice to talk about wonderful charities; some of the big name supporters include Victoria Beckham, Stephen Fry, Cara Delevingne, Richard Branson, Jack Whitehall, Gillian Anderson, Sir Patrick Stewart and even Miss Piggy!






And a massive thank you to everyone who did something on Giving Tuesday to support a charity. Thank you for donating, campaigning, raising awareness, and volunteering for your chosen cause. You make Giving Tuesday what it is and for that we are eternally grateful.


Here in Giving Tuesday HQ, we are going to spend the next few days winding down from the Giving Tuesday buzz and collecting as much information as possible about the results to share with you. We’d love to hear from you about how your day went. We will be sending out a short survey in the next couple of weeks, but if you’d like to get in touch with any headline stats, we’d be delighted to hear about them. Contact campaigns@cafonline.org to let us know.

Thank you!

It’s finally here. All the long hours of work, all the crazy fundraising ideas, the many brain-storming and staff-engagement sessions all come down to this – the global day of giving.

Giving Tuesday would not exist except for the efforts of all of our amazing partners and so we want to let you all know some of the big activities that are happening in real life and on social media this Giving Tuesday.

The BT Tower in London will be showing Giving Tuesday messaging on the day – sharing the message far and wide.

Radley will be releasing a Giving Tuesday dog walking bag with a portion of the proceeds going to the Dogs Trust. This partnership has raised £50,000 for the Dogs Trust since 2016.

Thomson Reuters will be showing a Giving Tuesday video on their Jumbatron in Canary Wharf (24th until 29th November) – making your work commute just a little nicer.

RBS will be matching their staff payroll giving and promoting Giving Tuesday to over 1.5 million MyReward customers. Last year RBS created an additional £470,000 of funding for the charities and good causes that their employees and customers care about on Giving Tuesday.

PayPal will be matching funds, through their PayPal Giving Fund, up to a total of £50,000 on the day. Match-funding can make an incredible impact, especially on smaller charities.

ASOS are using their social media prowess to talk about the work of the ASOS Foundation and will also be hosting an event at ASOS Head Office at Greater London House in Camden to raise awareness of youth homelessness and the work the ASOS Foundation are doing with its charity partner Centrepoint to combat the issue.

Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving, after Black Friday and Cyber Monday as a day to give back and do good. If you want to be involved in next year’s Giving Tuesday, please do drop us an email on campaigns@cafonline.org and we can help with you planning for Giving Tuesday 2019!

Action for Happiness is a small charity with a big vision – a vision of a happier, kinder world.

This Giving Tuesday Action for Happiness is launching its Do Good December Kindness Calendar to help everyone spread a little bit more kindness this festive season.

The December Kindness Calendar has suggested daily actions for people to do throughout the month of December, including ‘Give kind comments to as many people as possible today‘, or ‘Share a happy memory or inspiring thought with a loved one‘.

The approach taken by Action for Happiness has been backed by independent scientific evidence as a technique that really works and can transform lives.

“We’re launching our new December Kindness Calendar on the day – to help people everywhere keep Giving Tuesday’s amazing spirit of kindness alive throughout the festive period.”

Mark Williamson, Director at Action for Happiness

Mark Williamson, Director at Action for Happiness said: “Action for Happiness is delighted to support #GivingTuesday which is the perfect fit with our mission.

“We’re launching our new December Kindness Calendar on the day – to help people everywhere keep Giving Tuesday’s amazing spirit of kindness alive throughout the festive period. Please join us, spread the word and help bring more happiness to others this Christmas.”

The calendar is available as a PDF to print or as an image to share, which incidentally is the action for the 1st of December! The December Kindness Calendar is also available in 13 other languages including Arabic, Catalan, Japanese and Russian – there really is no excuse not to get involved.

As the Dalai Lama, Patron of Action for Happiness, said “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions”.

Written by ShelterBox

ShelterBox is a charity that delivers practical emergency aid to families who have lost everything because of natural disaster or conflict. 

We aim to provide safe shelter as quickly as possible, and the tools that will help communities to rebuild.

Our global network of supporters, staff and volunteers make it possible to deliver aid to some of the most remote communities in the world.

Most recently, we’ve been delivering tents, mosquito nets and water filters to Indonesia, in the wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami at the beginning of October.

Giving Tuesday is a moment of conscience and celebration that brings fundraisers together. 

ShelterBox is a very family-focused organisation, so we love the idea of becoming part of a global tribe of charities, all visibly working together on the same day.

“Giving Tuesday is a moment of conscience and celebration that brings fundraisers together.”

Our campaign in Syria

On Giving Tuesday we’ll be sharing the story of a Syrian father and his children. Their experience really shows the impact our aid can have on families who’ve lost the security and stability of home.  

Syria is one of our longest-running operations and the need there is only increasing. The income raised from this campaign will help us respond to crises in Syria and around the world, quickly and efficiently, putting us in good stead for 2019.

For our Christmas appeal we’re hoping to raise £250k to support our disaster relief efforts around the world.

It’s our most important planned campaign of the year, and to achieve this steep target we need as many ways to reach supporters – existing and new – as possible.

Giving Tuesday falls in the middle of the campaign so it’s a great moment to share the story of one of the families we have helped.

Being part of Giving Tuesday means that together we can spread the word about ShelterBox, highlight our work in Syria and encourage people to give a donation that can bring warmth, protection and hope to families worldwide.

Click here to read more about the Shelterbox Christmas appeal.

A cold refreshing brew tastes even better when you know it’s for a good cause.

And this year, our social enterprise partner Brewgooder are inviting beer drinkers turned philanthropists to help raise money for clean water on Giving Tuesday.

Our newest partner are on a mission to provide a million people with clean water access all through the power of beer, and are using the day as a boost for their new festive campaign Jingle Wells.

Launching November 26th on Crowdfunder.co.uk, Brewgooder are asking drinkers to help them crowdfund the repair of 12 broken wells across Malawi and turn on the clean water for thousands of people.

In return, they will be offering rewards for participation include limited edition Christmas jumpers, festive gift cards, t-shirts, and of course plenty of their award winning craft lager.

Why Giving Tuesday?

“Our drinkers have already helped us impact the lives of thousands but we hope to continue the momentum into 2019 – what better way to do that than through a global platform that can help us raise the awareness of our mission.”

James Hughes, head of brand and marketing at Brewgooder

Speaking about their decision to join Giving Tuesday, James Hughes, head of brand and marketing at Brewgooder, said: “We decided to launch Jingle Wells slightly earlier to ensure we were live for Giving Tuesday, as the day ties in very well to the campaign.

“Our drinkers have already helped us impact the lives of thousands but we hope to continue the momentum into 2019 – what better way to do that than through a global platform that can help us raise the awareness of our mission.”

Long-lasting impact

Since commissioning its first official project back in November 2016 the social enterprise has helped impact the lives of almost 40,000 people through access to clean water by fully and co-funding dozens of projects in Malawi.

And in its first two years, the social enterprise distributed almost £50,000 to its water charity partners, which include the One Foundation, Nora Docherty Foundation and Water Wells for Africa.

The social enterprise leads projects that include borehole drillings and repairs, school feeding and sanitation systems, water access for mother and baby clinics, as well as capacity building for local communities on how to manage their water effectively.

In addition, the Brewgooder operates an Office Beer Club, partnering with over 100 companies who receive Brewgooder beer each month and make significant social impact by doing so.

The purchase of each case helps to provide one person with clean drinking water for a minimum of 5 years.

Visit Brewgooder for more info.

Amazing news from PayPal for this Giving Tuesday. PayPal will be doubling donations received through the PayPal fundraising page and the PayPal App, up to a maximum of £50,000 total matching donations on the day.

Donations through PayPal’s fundraising page and app are received and delivered by PayPal Giving Fund UK.


Any of the 150,000 charities available in the PayPal Giving Fund directory can benefit from the donations match this Giving Tuesday, and charities that aren’t available can apply to enrol with PayPal Giving Fund.


The details: The donations match will start at 00:01 GMT on Tuesday 27 November 2018 and will be in effect until they reach their match limit of £50,000 or at the end of Giving Tuesday, 23:59 GMT on Tuesday 27 November 2018. The match only applies to donations received through the PayPal fundraising page or the PayPal App. It doesn’t apply to donations made using PayPal on websites or platforms. The offer is limited up to £5,000 per benefitting charity and up to £1,000 from a single donor. Terms and conditions.

Joining forces with an iconic British fashion brand that celebrates dogs has been a match made in heaven for charity Dogs Trust.

The charity is teaming up with Radley London for the second year running in time for Giving Tuesday, hoping to smash the £50,000 total raised since 2016 through cashless donations and a limited edition line of backpacks and coin purses.

Designed by dog lovers for dog lovers, 15% of the sale price of the collection goes back to Dogs Trust to help the 15,000 homeless hounds cared for by the charity every year.

Speaking about the partnership with the charity, a spokesperson from Radley said: “This enabled us to communicate a new, emotive story post the promotional stance during the Black Friday period. Capturing Radley’s customers love of both the brand and their dogs, with the opportunity to give back to charity during the festivities.”

In addition to the product flying off the shelves, the launch of the partnership on Giving Tuesday reached over 88,000 people within 24 hours on the Dogs Trust Facebook page, and helped increase staff motivation and customer engagement at an important time of year.


Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving, a day to do something for charities. You can give your time, give some money, donate something, buy something, or campaign for something. Giving Tuesday is one day to make a world of difference and we’re asking you to do something!

If you haven’t already got your Giving Tuesday ‘something’ planned, here are 10 last minute ideas to help you make a difference! Don’t forget to share your ‘something’ on social media and use the #GivingTuesday hashtag.


1. Browse wish lists. Lots of charities create wish lists on online shopping portals or on their own website, for items that they need. ‘Tis the season – buy something for a charity.

2. Support your favourite charity or discover a new charity. Find out what your favourite charity or newly discovered charity is doing for Giving Tuesday, get in touch with them to see how you can support them. You can search charities by area and cause on the Charity Commission website.

3. Shop more. There are lots of online shopping portals that make a donation to charity with every purchase, like Giving Tuesday partner Give As You Live. There are alternative portals listed here.

4. Buy some food. Contact your local foodbank and ask if they are running low on particular items, pick it up the next time you are out doing your food shopping and drop it off at the foodbank.

5. Find a campaign and write to your MP. Lots of charities need your support in raising the profile of issues that face their service users. It only takes a few minutes.

6. Give some money. Make a donation to your favourite charity. Even better, make a regular donation by setting up payroll giving through Give As You Earn or a direct debit.

7. Charity Christmas cards. Buy your Christmas cards from a charity shop this year, or donate the cost of the cards and postage to the charity instead. Remember to let all your friends and family know via text message if you’re not sending cards this year – you don’t want to disappoint Aunt Molly!

8. Give a charity gift. Give a charity gift this year as a present, it can be anything from seeds & tools, a school pack, a kitchen starter pack, to a village well! Lots of charities such Concern, Trócaire and Save the Children have lots of charity gifts to chose from.

9. Buy Fairtrade. Buy a gift that directly supports people in need. Lots of charities and retailers offer fairtrade items for sale, this can be anything from jewellery, food, children’s toys to homeware items.

10. Talk about Giving Tuesday. Tell your family and friends about Giving Tuesday, challenge them to do something on the day. Together we can make a world of difference. #GivingTuesday


A sense of belonging and a part to play in the local community – that is what one of our newest Giving Tuesday partners is helping to achieve for people with learning disabilities.

PiP (Pursuing Independent Paths), a small grassroots organisation based in West London, is joining our campaign this year and hoping to raising £10,000 to support their education and training work for adults with learning disabilities and autism.

To do this, the charity will be asking schools, companies and community groups to wear their favourite T-shirt, share their photos using #TShirtTues, and then donate or collect funds for the campaign.

Alongside this they’ll also be running a #BeLikePiP social media campaign every day until Giving Tuesday, with photos and videos from their students at PiP – telling the world how inspiring and brilliant people with learning disabilities are and how they can be active participants in their communities.

Danielle Taylor, Fundraising and Communications Manager at PiP, said: “Our students are brilliant and we want to share that with the world. What better way to do this than with the global day of giving on November 27th. Being able to sign up as a Giving Tuesday partner provides a fantastic platform for us, and it’s a fun way of getting involved in something so much bigger.”

She added: “Half of our funding comes through voluntary contributions. So it is especially important for us to keep raising awareness, and keep shouting about the inspiring lives and achievements of our students. Everyone should #BeLikePip and support our students on #TshirtTues.”

PiP’s Giving Tuesday campaign is running alongside the charity’s ‘Beanstalk’ appeal, a campaign to raise £1million to cover the costs of a new site due to growing demand for the charity’s services and an oversubscribed waiting list.

The charity supports around 60 people, but the organisation says their premises are no longer suitable to cater to their beneficiaries’ varying mobility needs or fully fulfill the organisation’s training goals.

PiP supports students in learning how to live independently, as well as offering literacy and numeracy training, preparation for employment, and travel training.

Fluidity, flow, slow and steady breathing is this year’s Giving Tuesday theme for one of our charity partners.

In the run up to November 27th, our Scottish-based partner Renew SCIO, are raising funds to support Park Rangers Widows and Orphans Project (PRWOP) in DRC (Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo).

They plan to do this by hosting two yoga events, on November 3rd and 24th, and asking people to donate to their campaign to provide children and families with a clean source of water.

The PRWOP project, which assists widows and orphans of Park Rangers by providing goods, equipment and job training for the women and enables access to education for the children, will also be using the funds to help some of the orphans at risk from dropping out of school and enable older kids to finish vocational training they started in the first half of the year.

Speaking for the charity the Chairperson of Renew SCIO said: “Our ethos is ‘together we can make a difference’ because, at a local, person-to-person level, that’s what we’re about, helping the widows to help themselves and each other. Giving Tuesday gives us the opportunity to reach a wider audience at the same time as participating in a really positive, global event to raise awareness of good causes. We love the message and the vibe of GT and get a real buzz telling people about it! It’s good news and serves a good purpose.”

She added: “The public events are fun as it’s a way for people to do something good for themselves and help others at the same time. To the women and children the support really does make a world of difference. So for this Giving Tuesday please make a donation, share our information, come along and help to make their hopes a reality.”

To donate, visit https://cafdonate.cafonline.org/4412#/DonationDetails.

For bookings, visit www.eventbright.co.uk/e/yoga-with-esme or www.eventbright.co.uk/e/movement-with-merav