#givingtuesday 2017 success – thank you!

Thank you to all our amazing partners who made yesterday a huge success. #givingtuesday is bigger and better each year, and we’re incredibly grateful to all our partners  who did such a great job in encouraging people across the UK to do good stuff.

As ever, #givingtuesday dominated social media, becoming the top trend on Twitter in the UK from 8.30am and staying there for most of the day.

The country’s biggest topic of conversation saw a number of celebrities using their platforms to promote the causes that they care about. Household names to join in the discussion around #givingtuesday included Ricky Gervais, David Tennant and Martin Lewis.

We’ll be spending the next few hours catching our breath, and trying to work out just what a difference #givingtuesday 2017 will make. If you’ve got any numbers or case stories to tell us about, or just wanted to let us know how you got on yesterday, please do get in touch via campaigns@cafonline.org

Once again, thank you for all your help in making #givingtuesday 2017 such a success.



We are participating in #givingtuesday for the first time and are using the day to launch our Education Fund Appeal in memory of our trustee Bill Powell, who was himself an inspirational educator.

In smaller villages, finances are often a major factor in preventing a child from continuing their education. Our Bill Powell Education Fund will give every child in the Tanzanian village of Kindwitwi the chance to be the best they can be, by ensuring they have the financial support to education opportunities from kindergarten through to college or university.

Formed in 1983, The Rufiji Leprosy Trust helps families affected by leprosy in the village of Kindwitwi in Rufiji District of Tanzania. Kindwitwi was oringinally a ‘leprosy camp’ where people who contracted leprosy were sent to avoid other people in their community catching the disease.

Thirty years on, with leprosy now curable, anyone diagnosed early can be treated and can continue to live their life and be a part of their community.

However, the legacies of disabilty and stigma associated with the disease means there are still children from families affected by leprosy who need our support.

Help us to keep the village kindergarten running, to ensure children attending primary and secondary school have uniforms and books and that every child from the village has the opportunity to reach their full potential.


This year, we’re asking people to give just £5 to help keep young people safe when they’re struggling with thoughts of suicide.

For the price of a couple of coffees, pints or a bunch of flowers, you can save a life.

£5 can pay for a call, text, or email from a young person having thoughts of suicide to be answered by one of our helpline, HOPELineUK, advisors.

We also want you to you give #helpandhope to those around you, by putting together a box of hope for them – fill the box that can help a friend or family member feel safe for when they are feeling down and give it to them to help with the darker days.

Take a picture, tag @PAPYRUS_tweets and hashtag #givingtuesday so we can see all your lovely boxes!

Feel great this #givingtuesday with St John Ambulance

There is a day for almost everything it seems: National Doughnut Day, Hug Your Cat Day, and after the shopping frenzies of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, comes #givingtuesday!

#givingtuesday takes place on Tuesday 28 November and is a day to ‘do good stuff for charity’.

As part of #givingtuesday, SJA are calling on anyone who wants to feel great to donate their time to us and become a Fundraising Volunteer!

How do I get involved? Easy! Follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Follow the official St John Ambulance accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and share our video with your friends and family, using the hashtag #givingtuesday
2. Become a Fundraising Volunteer yourself, sign up at here
3. Embrace that warm fuzzy feeling from doing something good!

When you give, you feel happier, more fulfilled, and empathetic, which can only be a good thing!

Happy Giving Everyone!

For #GivingTuesday, British Red Cross is focusing on a special project –reuniting separated families.

No one chooses to become a refugee. No one chooses to place their family on board a deadly boat unless this is the only choice they have left. People deserve better than this. They deserve to be safe and be together.

Missing the formative years of a child growing up is devastating and can never be regained. We need your help to trace family members, bring them together and help them integrate in a new country, helping them thrive and feel complete again – a basic human right for us all.

Right now there are 65.3 million people worldwide who have been displaced from their homes, more than half are children. Many have mothers, fathers, daughters and sons with whom they have lost contact.

That’s more than 34,000 people being forced from their homes every day as a result of conflict, persecution and violence. With so many people on the move, our work is more important than ever before.

British Red Cross can change this and you can too, just by helping us to fund this vital work.

British Red Cross has supported 1,661 family members to travel so far this year. We have also provided advice to over 200 refugees in relation to their family reunion application and assisted 46 families (over 90 people) obtain family reunion visas. Please help us to bring more families together

Marie, separated from her 2 children for 4 years said “I can go without money, I can go without food, but I need my kids. It’s like your breath”

Help us make a difference to mothers like Marie by visiting our project and making a donation between midday 28 Nov – midday 5 December and your donation will be doubled! http://secure.thebiggive.org.uk/project/BRC

Make-A-Wish UK exists for one reason – to grant magical wishes to enrich the lives of children and young people fighting life-threatening conditions.

Whether it’s going on an amazing holiday, meeting their celebrity hero or having a life-changing bedroom makeover; wishes are as unique as every child and most importantly, they are magical.

Because a child’s life shouldn’t be about illness, hospitals and diagnosis – it should be about wonder, joy and hope.

Since it started in 1986, Make-A-Wish has granted over 11,000 wishes to children fighting a life-threatening condition.

Children like Kianne, who was diagnosed with a brain tumour when she was just twelve years old. Her condition brought on several other health problems, including a form of diabetes and sleep apnoea and she also suffered a traumatic stroke which had a long and tough recovery time.

Kianne had always had a passion for animals and anything to do with the sea, so her One True Wish was to go whale watching with her family in Madeira. She had a magical time spotting whales, dolphins and even a baby sea turtle, and made lots of treasured memories with her family.

This November, Make-A-Wish UK is excited to be taking part in #GivingTuesday – by telling the stories of more seriously ill children like Kianne who are waiting for their One True Wish and encouraging supporters to donate to their wishes.

Make sure to follow Make-A-Wish UK on their social media channels to see what happens on the day and find out how you can get involved!



A two-year-old boy with leukemia is helping Morrisons raise charity cash this #givingtuesday

Rory Holloran has spurred staff at Morrisons Devizes – including doting gran, night-worker Carol Lee – to raise more than £16,000 for CLIC Sargent, the UK’s biggest charity supporting children and young people with cancer and the supermarket’s charity partner.

Carol, who has worked at Morrisons for 19 years, said: “When we began to support CLIC Sargent in February, I knew it was a great cause, but I didn’t realise just how valuable it is. When Rory was diagnosed in June, our whole world changed. The support CLIC Sargent has given to us all has been unbelievable. Now we just want to give something back to say thank you for everything the charity has done for us.”

They are encouraging Morrisons colleagues and customers across the country to back CLIC Sargent this Giving Tuesday, so more families like theirs can benefit.

Giving Tuesday on 28 November is an internationally recognised day of giving, run in the UK by the Charities Aid Foundation. This year, Morrisons are giving customers the chance to support CLIC Sargent for Giving Tuesday, by electing to add £1 to their bill at the till on the day.

Customers can also buy an exclusive Giving Tuesday bouquet, available in store from November 23 to 28, priced at £5 with 50p going to CLIC Sargent. The bouquet features germini flowers in CLIC Sargent pinks and whites.

Michelle Hawkins, Community Champion at the Devizes store, added: “There are lots of charities out there and every one is worthwhile. But I do think CLIC Sargent is particularly special. They don’t just support the children and young people, they support the whole family. Rory is a very special little boy, but he is also a very poorly little boy, and his family are going through a lot of turmoil. What CLIC Sargent are doing for his family is providing a life line, and helping them cope. That is why we are proud to support them on Giving Tuesday, and every day.”

All money raised through Giving Tuesday will go towards Morrisons’ £8m fundraising target, which will transform the support CLIC Sargent gives to children and young people facing cancer, and their families.

Rory Traynor, Account Manager at CLIC Sargent, said: “Every bunch of flowers sold and every £1 donated at the till will enable us to provide emotional, practical and financial support when cancer strikes young lives. Morrisons are helping us fund pioneering Nurse Educator posts, which will enable community healthcare teams to deliver specialist cancer treatment within or nearby patients’ homes. This reduces the need for costly and time consuming travel. The money will also enable us to give more grants to ease the financial burden of a cancer diagnosis, and expand our digital services so we can help families across the UK whenever and wherever they need support.”

For more information on the partnership, visit clicsargent.org.uk/morrisons

Rory’s story

 In June this year, Rory Holloran, then just two months shy of his second birthday, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. His family was left devastated as the tot was rushed to John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford to start a gruelling chemotherapy regime.

Rory’s mum, Hannah, said: “The feeling upon hearing Rory had leukaemia was just unlike anything else. My stomach just dropped. That’s the only thing I can remember. I just felt numb. I had just been looking at my baby boy, and suddenly I was looking at my baby boy with cancer. I thought “why him?’

“Rory was perky when we arrived on the ward. He had had a blood transfusion, so he was full of beans. I took him into the play room, and I saw a little boy in there who was really pale with no hair and he had a huge scar right across his head. I just burst into tears. It was as if at that moment I realised this was what we were in for.”

Rory stayed in hospital, a two hour drive from the family home, for three weeks before being sent home. But bouts of fever meant he was repeatedly readmitted, and Hannah and Rory’s dad, Matt, faced weeks away from each other.

But CLIC Sargent were there to help. The charity gave the family a £170 grant – paid for through Morrisons fundraising – and gave Matt a room to stay in at CLIC House, the charity’s  free Home from Home service just a stones throw from the hospital.

“We met a CLIC Sargent social worker called Sheila, and she was amazing” added Hannah. “She helped get Matt in CLIC House which was a huge help because I missed him as well. We were at the stage where we thought we were going to lose our baby boy – we needed each other as much as Rory needed us.

“Occasionally the nurses let Rory leave hospital for a few hours and we would just sit on the sofa in CLIC House in front the TV, doing normal stuff. We felt extremely lucky to be able to do that.”

Rory faces months of chemotherapy to fight the cancer before he can start the maintenance phase of treatment. But that hasn’t stopped him being centre-stage in the Devizes store’s fundraising efforts, which have so far totalled £16,000 – more than any other store across the UK.

The Christmas Challenge, founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist Sir Alec Reed CBE, is the UK’s biggest online match funding campaign which helps UK-registered charities raise funds for their cause. It offers supporters of participating charities the opportunity to have their donation doubled on theBigGive.org.uk when the campaign goes live on #GivingTuesday, 28th November 2017.

This year marks 10 years of the Big Give and the Christmas Challenge is set to be bigger and better than before with over 500 charities taking part. For one week only donations to participating charities will be doubled. There are a huge range of causes to support from international aid, to child poverty, animal and environmental charities, to name just a few.

How can you get involved?
– Visit http://www.thebiggive.org.uk from 12pm on #givingtuesday 28th November
– Select a charity and double your donation

One donation, twice the impact.

Battered By Events?  Do Good Stuff

Dan Slipper from the press team at CAF, who run #givingtuesday, blogs about the day

Over the next few days there are a number of named days in the diary. They include Black Friday, Cyber Monday and #givingtuesday on 28 November. For several years now these events have become part of the annual build up to the festive season. #givingtuesday originated in the US and now takes place in over 70 countries around the world including the US, Canada, Russia, Germany, Spain, Singapore, Australia, Brazil and the UK. It is a day encouraging people to give something back either by supporting their favourite charity or good cause or simply by helping a relative, friend or stranger.

This year – 2017 – the world has been repeatedly struck by natural disasters. There have been devastating hurricanes such as Harvey, Irma and Maria. There have been shocking earthquakes in Mexico and Iran. There have been destructive monsoon floods in south Asia as well as deadly landslides in Sierra Leone and Colombia. As so often formal organisations, such as charities and NGOs, have rushed to help and provide much needed aid but what of our response as individuals?

Research by the Charities Aid Foundation has found that recent natural disasters – such as hurricanes, earthquakes and floods – have made 39% of respondents to a survey think more about other people, with 10% strongly agreeing this was the case. Thirty-seven per cent said they were more considerate of people around the world with nearly a quarter (23%) agreeing that they are more likely to help a stranger as a result of recent world events. In good news for organisations set up to help deal with these catastrophes, 21% of people said they were more likely to donate to charity generally as a result of recent events. Eleven per cent have already made a donation to a charity which is helping those affected, with a further 12% of people still planning to do so. Far from feeling powerless or that these events were beyond their control, respondents revealed that they thought more about other people and were determined to do something to help.

#givingtuesday therefore is more timely and relevant than ever. As preparations for the festive season gather pace, as the Christmas adverts air and the Black Friday deals persuade us to spend our cash, let’s not forget that third important day in the festive calendar. It is a day to stop, reflect and realise we are not rendered powerless by world events. We can make a difference, give something back and help those less fortunate than ourselves. So whether you donate money to charity or a good cause, commit to some fundraising, volunteer your time, lend your voice on social media or simply help someone in need, get involved and do good stuff on #givingtuesday.

Data is taken from the October 2017 UK Giving Survey, which collected information about charitable giving from adults aged 16 and over in the United Kingdom. The survey was conducted online by YouGov between 11 and 20 October 2017.  1,003 interviews were conducted in total.  The sample is nationally representative and is weighted to known population data on demographics including age, sex, social class and region.

This Giving Tuesday, The Reader are saying thank you to their supporters by giving a little something back.

The national charity, based in Liverpool, bring people together through their pioneering Shared Reading groups where stories and poems are read aloud. On-site at their HQ in Liverpool’s Calderstones Park, The Reader will be giving away pre-loved books and sending out a Festive Story and Poetry Selection Box to group members, volunteers, partners and subscribers to keep them reading over the festive period and perhaps encourage them to share it with others.

As Jane Davis, director of The Reader explains: “Sharing stories, reading aloud, this is exactly what people did before television and smartphones. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to switch off from screens and we hope our Festive Selection Box will encourage people to pick up a poem or short story to share instead. It’s a small Christmas gift from us to say thank you for all the incredible support we’ve received this year.”

Giving Tuesday is also the launch day of The Reader’s Big Give Christmas Challenge campaign which will support their work with isolated older people by training 50 new volunteer Reader Leaders. Thanks to Big Give Champions CHK Charities Ltd. and two private supporters, The Reader have secured £24,000 in match funds meaning that every public donation made during the week-long Christmas Challenge will be doubled. To donate visit The Reader’s website and remember, every donation after 12noon on Giving Tuesday will be doubled!